The case of Ilıcalı falling between wagon and peron in Kadıköy

Kadikoy wagon and Peron Ilıcalı 's death case: Kadikoy in July last year in July, after putting his child on the train fell to the rails of the death of academician Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı' s death on the charges of '' cause of death by taksir'la 'about 6 up to 1 year imprisonment and in the case of the trial of the mechanic, court 3. once the expert decided to be asked to report.
Anatolian Justice Palace 30. Court of First Instance Criminal Court, detained defendants Abdullah Çiğdem and conductor Süleyman Uğur Özkoç joined the hearing, while Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı's wife Sabri Akın Ilıcalı and party lawyers were present.
Abdullah Kaya, the attorney of the Ilıcalı family who spoke at the hearing, stated that they did not accept the expert report presented to the court and said:
Iştir Although the report states that the station of TCDD is not in accordance with the standards, Ebru Gültekin Ilıcalı is attributed the main flaw. Again, due to the duty of the conductor all the doors must be entered into its own section after closing, it was determined to be defective because it enters early. It was found in the previous discovery that the mechanic did not control the mirrors. We do not accept that both defendants are flawless. It was also found that the train was moving before the doors closed. In spite of this, it is unacceptable to give the primary defect to the TCDD because it does not comply with the TCDD rules. We request the revision of the expert report. Yeniden
Defendant Abdullah Cigdem's lawyer Salih Ekizler, the expert report was taken in accordance with the flow of the event, recording, argued that there is no need to be taken again.
- or The experts are very emotional about the incident -
Court Judge Mustafa Can Korkarer stated that there were different prepared and conflicting expert reports, birbir This work has become very emotional. Experts look very emotional. It sounds to me like they're acting emotionally. You need to find someone to move the lens. In the previous report, I understand that there is no defect in the machine and the failure to give a defect to the conductor indicates that it has become emotional. Önceki
For this reason, Hakim Korkarer wrote to Istanbul Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Civil Engineers to put the case into a separate report, and decided to prepare a new report with the purpose of notifying the expert names of three specialized trainers about the train accidents and preparing a new report for the purpose of eliminating the contradictions in the expert reports prepared previously. postponed.
In the indictment prepared by Kadıköy Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, conductor Süleyman Uğur Özkoç and machinist Abdullah Çiğdem are being asked to be sentenced to imprisonment with 2 for 6.

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