Benini will build Turks

Benini will build Turks: Benin, which needs investment in many strategic areas such as airports, railways, roads, hospitals and hydroelectric power plants, has opened the doors of encouragement to Turkish investors. President Yayi,, You build Benin. We trust your vision. V
TUSKON'ın organized two-country businessmen to meet with the economy ministers who came to the event, President Benedict Boni Yayi stated that the basis of politics investment is ın Benin is a gateway to North Africa. Investing in us means investing in all countries in the region, Bize he said.
16 thousand dollars great success
Broadcast explaining that prove the success of the private sector in Turkey, he continued: "Thanks to the success of the private sector, although difficult situation in the world economy, Turkey's economy is progressing very well. 16 thousand dollars per capita income is a great success. We also want to provide me with the same success in Turkey. ", Mainly airlines, railways and highways urgent attention needs to be renewed Yayi, said energy distribution companies that they need to be. . We want to benefit from the engineering and contracting experience of the Turks. We have serious deficiencies in hospitals and residences. Hurry to invest Yatırım. Yayi also participated in the business form organized by the businessmen's commission of the Milky Way Alumni Association in Ankara.
Opportunity too
TUSKON President Rızanur Meral said that Benin, which has great opportunities in agriculture, energy, construction, transportation, mineral and hydrocarbon fields, is an important stop for reaching West Africa. Meral "Benin, investment incentives offered to investors from Turkey and the peaceful climate that 150 million people is located is the gateway to West Africa. I hope that joint investments will strengthen the ties of the two countries.


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