What do presidential candidates think of the Erzurum light rail project

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What do the presidential candidates think of the Erzurum light rail system project? Our second article on Light Rail is 24 January 2005.
I don't remember the date of the first. Then we pencil a few more times on the same subject.
Finally, Mr. Mükremin took up the Long issue and signed a very valuable, valuable work in the 'practice' practice.
We published the study as ENER Project, brought to the attention of the public.
Enthusiasts can access the project from the following link:
ENER Project
First of all, I would like to request a review of two valuable Metropolitan candidates, Mehmet Sekmen and Kâmil Aydın Bey.
Of course our other candidates Tabii
The priorities which will come out before the public are undoubtedly their appreciation.
To contribute to our projects, albeit modest proje
Let us share the Introduction section of the project once more:
One of the main issues of the cities in the process of growth and development is public transportation. In all the developed cities of the world, this problem is tried to be solved by introducing rail systems.
Erzurum has shown important developments in urbanization in recent years. Yenisehir, Dadaskent and Yildizkent have become a satellite city. With the development of winter tourism, the skiing route became an important settlement center. Combine the area is growing day by day.
With this physical horizontal spread, the “mobile population indeki in the city center will increase in the coming years. When planning plans for future investments related to city centers, it may be misleading to consider lar the decrease in the province population due to migration t as a negative factor.
We do not find the approach uz Erzurum is a city that is rapidly migrating and decreasing its population, should a rail system be needed in such a city?,. As far as the light rail system is concerned, taşın central population mobility nüfus and the ”target passenger population” to be transported by rail should be taken into account.
From this perspective, we can say that Erzurum's urban population mobility will increase greatly in the next decade. Fifty thousand students of the current University are the target group of the potential r rail system Mevcut. In this figure, we can add the student potential of potansiyel Erzurum Technical University Bu and other foundation universities to be opened.
Erzurum, which is on its way to becoming a Health Center, may experience a ”health tourism ında boom in the next two decades and mi rail system“ can be an invaluable opportunity for the “healing ve communities. The demand for additional transport by Winter Tourism should also be taken into account.
As can be seen, it will be a ‟must-have gel project, not as an investment in the future in Erzurum if it is” good proje.
Contemporary urbanism is the planning of the kent city of the future Çağdaş. The rail system has become a fundamental need for the future of Erzurum. We cannot only consider this project in terms of ından potential passenger capacity Bu and ”cost Bu. This service will be a ız prestige investment ı for Erzurum, which claims to be the ”Silk Road Center of the Century için in addition to the elements we are trying to mention.
We are proud of our metropolitan municipality and the government that will support it in such a prestigious project. Those who provide a warm, modern and modern public transportation to our people in the cold country will go to the service history of the city.
The bureaucratic structures of municipalities and other public institutions perform the services required by the job descriptions of their organizations within a certain priority and plan. While the top managers of municipalities and other institutions in charge of public service, on the one hand, ensure that these routine duties are carried out in the best way, on the other hand, they "make a difference ...", rise to the position of "service leaders" if they can implement "big projects" in addition to them.
Such m creative-entrepreneurial managers at, who work in municipalities and public institutions, have managed to transform their cities into service attacks. Lardır Creative-entrepreneurial un senior managers have achieved this title by implementing a few but important projects.
I don't doubt that our executives, who have the fate of Erzurum, have these superior qualities.
I am confident that the local administrators of all political parties prior to the election show special interest in this matter and that the issue of ”Party Leaders“ at the level of the issue is essential for the benefit of the city.
MUSIAD Erzurum branch launched by the 'I want my fast train' campaign, heartily support. All countries will be knitted with fast iron networks, Erzurum will be out of this blessing. MUSIAD'ın campaign, I wish to create an adequate social demand, the decision mechanism activates. However, the main task falls into the political delegation.

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