Xanthi exchange fee 31 TL for students until December

Xantom change fee 31 TL for students until December: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Council, at the meeting, the citizens on the requests and complaints of the base stations to be transported to places that will not harm the environment and people decided to do the necessary work. 5 It was decided that the change fee of Ankarakart, which will start to be used in buses, metro and Ankaray as of January, will continue as 1 TL for students. Furthermore, it was decided that a thousand TL criminal proceedings would be applied to the unauthorized excavations on the boulevards, streets or streets without following the rules.
During the meeting of the Metropolitan Municipality Council, chaired by Deputy Chairman Ali İhsan Ölmez, the new regulations were put into practice as of January. In the public transport, the new year will be passed to Ankarakart stating that Ölmez; The cost of changing the card, which will be used in the boarding of buses, metro and Ankaray, is determined as 1 TL until 31 December.
In the report prepared by the Assembly, the claim that the card fees are high in Ankara did not reflect the truth. 5 in Ankara, 10 in Eskişehir, 15 in Bursa, 5 in Ankara, 10 in Istanbul, 20 in İzmir, 15 in Izmir and 20 in Eskişehir XNUMX TL was recorded in Bursa.
Another report in the municipal council meeting, which made decisions by evaluating the requests, demands and complaints of the capitalists, was also related to the location of the base stations. The report, which was adopted unanimously by the members of the Assembly, decided to carry out the necessary works to transport the base stations and television transmitters to places that would not harm the environment and people.
In the meeting, the Water and Canal Services Commission Report stated the following: ve The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has decided that the manholes and manholes in the boundaries of the area should be kept clean. As a result of the use of landings, such as blockages, ponds are formed. It has been deemed appropriate by our commission to carry out the necessary studies on public awareness. Da
The Assembly also decided to impose an administrative fine of one thousand TL in the new year for those who dig in the boulevards, avenues or streets without permitting the rules.

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