Altepe: We have shown that you can become a Turkish brand worldwide with silkworm

📩 25/11/2018 19:28

Altepe: Silkworm with the world-wide Turkish brand can be showed. Burdur metropolitan mayor Recep Altepe, the local tram with a world-class Turkish silk can be produced by applying silkworm said they show
Bursa metropolitan mayor Recep Altepe said that they demonstrated by applying that a local brand of Turkish brand can be produced with domestic tram silkworm. Altepe emphasized that such new brands are needed to keep the resources in the country. 2 aircraft to Turkey to take part TR 50 kilograms of hazelnuts exported to need reminding President Altepe, in order to reduce the import of technology stated that they pay attention to the use of domestic technology as the metropolitan municipality.
Chamber of Mechanical Engineers by TUYAP held in the exhibition area participating in the Machinery Manufacturing Technology Congress, Bursa Mayor Recep Altepe, said the importance of the organization of such a conference in Bursa which is one of the leading cities of Turkey. Turkey's more prosperous, modern and high quality of life that expressed a country to become one of the most important pillars production Altepe President, stressed that the country can not stand on its own feet without production.
Natural gas, like oil is important underground resources without Turkey's most important source of industrial power voicing Altepe President, he said: "We are sending 2 GB 50 kilograms of nuts to be part of the aircraft. While the weight of the machine part we produce is 4-5 Euros, the same piece produced in Germany is sold for 100 Euros. We must make technology intensive production in order to get rid of foreign dependency in the industry and to make use of our resources domestically. We paid 30 million TL for the 240 wagons we bought before. If we produced these ourselves, we would have cost 150 million. We were going to pay 80-90 million TL less and all the money we paid would stay in the country. However, since the first day we took office, we have made efforts to bring domestic production to the fore. As a result, we now produce our own trams. Everyone saw that it could be a world-class Turkish brand. We also tendered for treatment plants and sludge burning facilities locally. We produce mechanical additive car parks that are not in many European cities in Bursa. We use the power of Metropolitan Municipality Bursa in production in the best way. ”
Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Bursa Branch President Ibrahim Mart 2 11 session will be presented during the day, 21 presentations will be presented, 3 workshop and 2 technical excursion to do.

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