Six Marmaray hotels

Six Marmaray hotels: FATİH Mayor Mustafa Demir is one of the reasons to be detained on the back side of the Sirkeci Station 4 island 1 plot in the land.
President Demir, Marmaray metro line underneath the underground and the Marmaray project warned by authorities warned that the construction permit is given.
turkey is shocking, detention operations, forming the municipality foot Fatih Municipality tenders under suspicion. Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir faces charges of allowing a hotel to be built on the Marmaray Metro line, despite the great risk. Fatih Municipality, which is also included in the zoning plans of the hotel in question, the Municipality of Fatih, the cleaning of the 61 million TL was claimed to belong to the Akmercan Group. One of the reasons why President Demir was detained was the allegation that Mayor Demir, on the back of the Sirkeci Station, was located on the 4 island 1 plot, passing the Marmaray subway line from the bottom, and that he had been warned by the Marmaray project officials but gave the construction permit. The land which is just above the route that Marmaray followed after leaving Sarayburnu and which was seen as a parking lot in the previous plans, is now closed with fences. Environmental tradesmen said the congress center was said to be done.
AK Party Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir, detained in connection with the allegations of corruption operations, the municipality has turned their attention to the auctions. Although it is not known what subject or tenders the investigation and detention event is related to, the high price tenders are perceived as the usual suspect. 2 covering the cleaning, car rental, chauffeur and labor service of Fatih Municipality within the last 9 year, the cost of the tender is 122 million 248 thousand 875 TL. Among these, the biggest tender is the cleaning tender of the Haliç Area, which is worth 32 million 770 thousand TL. Tomurcuk Construction firm received the tender. Second place is 31 million 750 thousand TL. Akmercan Tourism Company received this tender.
The cost of the cleaning tender of the Eminonu region is 29 million 726 thousand TL. Akmercan Tourism Company received this tender. Fatih Municipality, 8 million 450 thousand TL worth of car rental tender, 3 million 518 thousand TL another short-term cleaning of the Akmercan company has taken the tender is also remarkable.Tomurcuk company also 3 million 509 thousand TL worth a short-term cleaning tender for the procurement of 1 million 626 TL labor cost with the tender of 240 million. De Prizma, which won the tender, attracted attention in other tenders.
Fatih Municipality, according to the tenders of cleaning, although smaller, the profit margin is much higher in the construction of contracts related to the SETA, Akar Construction, Mert Construction, Effective Engineering attracts attention. However, there is no information as to which of these tenders are the subject of investigation.
Akmercan Family, owned by AKMERCAN Group of Companies, started its commercial life with service transportation at 1991. The works of Cemal, Şerafettin, Veysel, Ramazan and Gazi Akmercan recorded a rapid growth in the following years with the public (with the state). Since 1994, it has started to operate in the field of Environmental Cleaning and Solid Waste Management. In 2006, Adiyaman province and Besni, Kahta, Gölbaşı natural gas distribution tender and Sakarya; Geyve, Alifuatpaşa and Pamukova districts natural gas distribution business. Among the public institutions that the group serves, Ak Parti, Prime Ministry, İETT, İSKİ, 26 municipal council, some military institutions, universities, Constitutional Court, Istanbul Special Provincial Administration, PTT, DTM, TEİAŞ are also located.
Land in the year 2012 Cemal Akmercan, from the previous evening hours with his lawyer Dogan Kocabey to be admitted to the police for a statement. Lawyer Doğan Kocabey, who spoke to Hürriyet on behalf of the company, stated that they have been conducting the application for licensing through Arci Design Architecture Limited Company. Kocabey, Marmaray, the Board of Monuments, TCDD and correspondence with the relevant institutions such as State Airports said that continued, "Marmaray line on the appropriate project constraints" will be made known. There is no license granted yet. Henüz

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