Thieves in Germany began to explode train ticket vending machines

In Germany, the thieves began to explode train ticket vending machines: in Germany stealing gangs now planted their eyes on automated train tickets. Thieves with a hose into the machine and then the flammable and explosive substances, and then the vending machine that threw the money in the thieves are lost by taking the ticket and money.
In some places, theft attempt results in death. In a train station in the town of Schlüctern in the Main-Kitzing district, such a theft attempt resulted in death. About the incident, the suspect was arrested on charges of attempted murder.
In this way, the most damaged ticket vending machine was reported to be in the state of Hessen, January 2013 to 2013 481 until the XNUMX train ticket vending machine was destroyed by thieves.
German Railways (Deutsche Bahn), who have renewed the 120 ticket vending machine in the province, are planning to use paints in vending machines to be launched next year. As a result of the explosion of the money around the safe box will come into play and will be infected with people trying to get the money. In this way, the pickpockets will be detected thanks to this inaccessible paint.
Each of the ticket vending machine cost 30 thousand euros indicating that the DB authorities, therefore suffered great losses, he said. German Railways have 7 thousand ticket vending machines throughout the country.

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