Aladağa Knee-length Snow

Aladağa Knee Length Snow: Aladağ was wintered to be the center of winter sports in Konya. It was full of snow after the last rains. In the district where the snow has stopped, the work of Konya's winter sports and tourism center project was carried out to make it a ski resort. It was stated that the snow thickness reached to 2 centimeters in the measurements made by the municipal officials.

Derbent Mayor Hamdi Acar, Konya's future ski resort will be Aladag'a falling snow in December is quite gratifying, said: ay Municipal officials climbed the mountain to determine the height of the snow made. Falling snow is quite satisfactory for December. The snow, crystal and powder snow structure here, without the establishment of the experts said it is possible to ski. After the snowfall, we opened the ski season in Aladag kayak he said.