Adaray Flight Hours

Adaray Expedition Hours: The interest in the Urban Rail System Application (ADARAY) implemented by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality is increasing day by day.
İsmail Yolcu, Head of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, said, 'There is an increase in the number of passengers we carry with ADARAY flights. The number of passengers we carry daily, business days exceeded two thousand. Due to the demands of our citizens and the increase in the number of passengers, the time and number of flights to ADARAY have been rearranged. Depending on this situation, the trips every hour are reduced to one every 40 minutes, "he said.
In order to meet the increasing demand for ADARAY, Yolcu also made explanations about the changes made in the voyages. With the new arrangement we applied, departure time from Adapazarı was 7.00 and the number of flights was increased to 15, every 6.30 minutes.
Based on the demand intensity, it was decided from Arifiye that the last departure time will remain at 21.30. The changes we make are announced to our citizens on the official website of the Metropolitan Municipality and at our stops. Smart card (CARD 54) application is valid; We expect further increase in the number of passengers carried by ADARAY, which offers high-quality, affordable and high-level comfortable travel. '

The current ADARAY hours are as of 21.10.2013 date.

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