What is Sürmene Çamburnu Transfer Station Project

Surmene Çamburnu Transfer Station Project What is it: Günebakış: You have developed the Transfer Station Project for Sürmene Çamburnu. What is this project?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: These transfer stations are a sector in their own right. In other words, a logistics base does not represent a value without its transfer station. So the specific station that will consider a train will also give you other loads that will stand, or will make the distribution from there. Does this have a value after itself? In other words, we need to direct a certain part of the civil economy traffic in the world. The issue is not Turkey. An event in the world economy. I have now opened the Logistics Center in Trabzon. After the companies of the world did not come here, the Logistics I opened here has no meaning. We start with a Transfer Station to join the world companies.
Daylight: Is that what we call it? We are now setting up a transfer station here rather than the Logistics Center. Trade itself will set its own rule. And in the future if it sees a logistic base needed to trade here it already creates and develops itself. Water flows into the conduit. Is that what we call it?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: It will create itself anyway. At least we have to lay the foundation. We need to make the feet of this foundation. The feet of this are obvious. Land, air, sea and rail. The concept of the new Silk Road ... The Silk Road used to be taken by camels. Now it is necessary to build modern transportation vehicles and roads before those vehicles. No way. There is nothing. How will the Silk Road be?
Günebakış: I want to return to transfer stations. Nur Vessels handed you over as NAC. This event is in the presence of the Minister. The minister is a guarantor? The guarantor of this contract?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: The Minister is not a guarantor. Observer. The Minister who organized the work. But there is something like this. It's not 100 acres. All places except 60 acres .. So this is the whole place. Since the filling area is 600 decares… Except for the location of the sailors. 500 acres.
Günebakış: So how do you market 500 acres with businessmen? Businessmen ready? Will they make the fill?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: You know the Tiryaki group. I also don't name a new group. He said the ministers will send 2 million loads in the presence of the politicians before the Minister. There is a company that enters tenders through the United Nations in Ukraine. This company came in front of the Minister gave a commitment in the presence of the politicians. I'm going to make this investment. 2 will bring you a million tons of cargo. 2 million tons of cargo is already important. She sent your men. He got his project done. Our Minister now called them. He said he'd see them.
Is there any other companies?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: Yes. There are other companies.
How many companies do you intend to give this 500?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: After the turning of 400-500 here, we want to make 500 acreage according to the needs of the companies and transfer it with a consensus and a joint management. Because there are warehouses, warehouses. We need warehouses, storage companies. We need container traffic, companies that can pull container traffic from Dubai to Russia. Their interviews were held. When these interviews are made, we will be ready to present them. But now those who aspire to, UM I will do all of this here, bur said 3-4 company.
They will also do the filling work at the same time. Is that so?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: Our minister said that we can handle a certain part of the filling business by ourselves.
Günebakış: When these works are finished Mr. Gürdoğan? So excited now to Trabzon. Trabzon cares about the transfer station. Your efforts are very important. How can something come up? When will it come out?
A. Hamdi Gürdoğan: I am saying this. I don't want to talk too ambitious. I'm telling my opinion when this place is handed over to the companies that are ready to invest. It is in a position to be operational within a year and a half. In fact, the portion is very much in advance. Because many of the storage will be made as prefabricated. But it will be discussed with companies, this has not been discussed yet. I need some permits. There are permissions from the Ministry of Transport. They will be spoken. Companies will be brought after them. But now it's not a second investment that will make us stand on this. It is very important that this investment paves the way for the said investments. You have to see the front of it, so see where it will reach. The most important point is that foreign capital will come to our region for the first time. So when the foreign capital comes to our region, we will have taken a great distance. I thank my minister. Because we told him about it. He personally believed that this would happen and supported us. You have succeeded in journalism. You got it out. I thank the minister. Why thank you? For us who is nailing a nail, we become slaves for him. It's not the competition. God bless whoever does. We serve as workers behind it. But the important thing is that this region wins something, but time is very important. Look, we have to compete here now. When we hit the 1 and a half 2 year apart, we hope to see what we've accomplished.

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