Yılmaz Ulusoy: Turkey recovers railway transport

Yılmaz Ulusoy: Turkey recovers railway transportation: After 50 years of bus operations, leaving that job to Haluk Ulusoy Yılmaz Ulusoy, the airlines in recent years heavily invested that belirtti.ulusoy, "you can not do anywhere in the airport, but you can bring anywhere railway. There is no salvation other than the railroad on the long road. Uzun
Although many skyscrapers and shopping centers rise, Yılmaz Ulusoy ignores them and works happily in his villa-office in Levent. And as an old-time gentleman, he doesn't like to have high-rise buildings erected in Istanbul. As we meet and talk in the office of his office, we see colorful smiling flowers in the tiny greenhouse garden right in front of us. I expect to talk about the investment, but that promise from nature, sea pollution, climate change, peace begins.
Naturalist and activist
He suggests that the. Wise men ”need to unite and step in for civil war countries. It is as if there is a naturalist, an anti-globalization activist. 56 collects his life experiences distilled from his business life over the years to his books.
* Yılmaz, Turkey belong to one of the most important business of the family. Your family is not very wide?
We are a very large family from the county of Trabzon. We took the works of my father Mehmet Fatih Ulusoy together with our family. He died at 80 when he was 1980.
* You started with construction?
My father started the prosecution at 1922. Then she worked as a merchant and contractor. 1937'de on the first bus "Ulusoy" wrote the name. Then he handed them over to us. We took the 50 year together, we were separated by literature in 2008, now everyone is going their own way.
My mother 15 gave birth to a child
* How many brothers do you think?
My father had one woman, the 15, who was born from my mother. We are currently living 8 brothers.
* You broke up with your brothers at 2008. What areas did you undertake?
I undertake construction, maritime, energy and housing. 5,5 has been on the ground for years and we call it healthy and measured growth, not to be too aggressive. We're taking things with my son and two daughters.
* Ulusoy Family is primarily known as the öncelikle busman ç. Who did you leave this area for?
In fact, the 50 year bus in transport was managed. Then we came to a place in international transport. The bus remained in the late Saffet Bey and his family, and international transportations remained in the children of Cemal Bey.
50 year I managed the bus
* In an interview, you said, yap Actually, if this country was laid by rail, we wouldn't do it *. Are you still in line?
Railways are a policy. More than railways, in recent years the airline was invested. You cannot make the airport anywhere but you can bring the railway to anywhere. Based on my experience of many years of bus transportation, I have no other salvation from the railway.
* How do you propose a formula for unbearable traffic in Istanbul?
I had an important meeting with the municipalities before we met you. I am the founding member of Istanbul Traffic Foundation. I'm on the board of trustees. There is only one way; the underground road, the underground (underground) road in the city. They did this in the 1900s in the West.
2014 will be a tough year
* How do you think the year of 2014?
It will be a difficult year. We have to be very careful. Local elections, presidential election. In addition, the citizen needs to compile and recover. Rich
we can't live like a country. We're still developing. We can't trust credit cards.
* When do we get out of this?
We will then produce and consume in Turkey before. We will also plant our land. We are the only country that has four seasons at the same time. Migration must be stopped. If we do not plant our land, every individual does not make a budget, if he lives with a credit card fukara also shows the desire to live like a rich certainly not.
Taking historical inns and turning them into hotels
* What do you do in tourism?
In 1986, we took a place from the state, in Göynük area of ​​Kemer. We built a holiday village there. Name Kemer Holiday Club. Our hotel is on the way to Alanya. Now we are building boutique hotels in Istanbul. For example, we took the 186-year-old Sumerbank building built by the Italians in Karaköy, and we took the Jamaat Han with him. This inn was Jewish, their first congregation. This is the first time, they sold us. We made a boutique hotel with 63 rooms with 106 beds. My son Mehmet's plan is to make 2020 hotel chains up to 3 at Asmalı Mescit and Tarlabaşı. He's finished first, he's starting second.
100 million-dollar ship landed in 25 million
* What do you do at sea?
We run the Çeşme Harbor. We do regular Ro-Ro flights to Trieste. We are moving from Zonguldak to Novororiski. I also have my 4 dry cargo ship. We used to be black, and now we have a weight in the sea. But maritime is in great distress. The ships have changed hands. Look, 100 dropped a million-dollar ship, 25 for a million dollars. 50 dropped a thousand-dollar freight 5 to a thousand dollars. That's because of your global crisis.
Zigana'ya power plant
* What work do you have in the field of energy?
In this area we have a hydroelectric power plant (HES) on the slope of Zigana Mountain in Vizera region of Sürmene. Our wind power plant is in Amasya. We are doing a review for a power plant in Tire, Izmir. We want to reach 2020-150 by 200. For this reason we act cautiously.
* How do you handle environmental problems?
We are very careful. In Vizera, we brought the water through the holes under the 4,5 meter. 4,5 million dollars has caused us additional costs, but as we did not cut any trees, I have erected 18 thousand new trees that fit the green valley.
* Most contractors, "We are cutting wood, but instead of 4-5 solid tree," he says. Is this approach correct?
I'm not a forester and agronomist, but a tree is a human. The photos in HEPPs are not good. Most of those who do this, the environment, the citizen is confused, can not cope. Everything has a way. Some friends, they have done HEPPs, I do not take my mind at all. Concrete, concrete, concrete. If you break the balance of nature, he takes revenge.
* How many schools have you been trained to serve to date?
My mother, my father, my wife and I had schools built on my behalf. There is also the name of the company. We are in pursuit of school in Etiler. See, surrounded by the sea on all sides of Turkey. We are sailors, but we don't have enough infrastructure. For this, all of the schools are high maritime vocational high schools. I'm going to have a science high school. I hope that next year I hope to lay the foundation for this and complete it at 2015.
I'm not in the skyscraper
* There are many skyscrapers and shopping centers in Istanbul. Why don't you do it?
I'm not in the skyscraper business. I don't understand what they're doing. Look, my office isn't on the top of the skyscraper. I live in nature, in flowers. I'm very comfortable. When I come into this office in the morning and the trees enter the flowers, this beauty is rehabilitating me. Life is an art of compromise.
* You are not a businessman, as if you are the president of a nature association. How did you overcome yourself?
Since my childhood, I care a lot about being able to sit in a green place, or rather in a beautiful place like this. People are bored in a concrete pile.

Source: economics.bugun.com.tr

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