Turkey's Best Ski Resorts (Photo Gallery)

The Best Ski Resorts in Turkey: No. We're a little more fortunate compared to many countries of the world because our country's east, west north south we can say really an excellent ski resorts. I'm glad to see the fact that the number of people who used to love skiing were quite few, but I am very pleased to see skiers of all ages on ski slopes today. If you look at Antalya as a summer holiday a few minutes away from a famous place to find the ski resort. As someone skiing in all ski areas in Turkey, I wish fully to all skiers plenty of snow days before I prepared the list according to your own criteria.


I love the most and I prefer ski resort in Turkey. Skipass and accommodation rates are quite affordable; You can't enjoy the ski slopes of the ski slopes. The biggest downside of Erciyes ski center is that when the weather conditions are not suitable, there is nothing to do other than sitting in the hotel room. But if you check the weather in advance and get lucky, you can experience the most spectacular skiing days of your life. Accommodation in Erciyes: For information on hotels near Erciyes ski resort and Erciyes ski center, click here to review Erciyes hotel rates.


Kartalkaya ski center is the second most important ski resort in Turkey. However, the operation of the big mountain by only two businesses makes it quite expensive in terms of accommodation and Skipass prices. You want to rent a ski suit aside from accommodation or Skipass prices. You have accepted the price of 50 TL but if you did not fit your foot, you chose another boat and you may be charged extra cost. If you are going to rent a snowmobile for ski hire, check out a number around 100 TL. For a good ski and outfit. The ski slopes are lacking in terms of service and even quite nice. Kartalkaya Accommodation: You can find the best prices for hotels in Kartalkaya at the lowest price.


The ski resort I was excited about when I heard his name. Long runways will allow your adrenaline outbreak to rise to the ceiling. Excitement cannot be described when the snow level is in place. All facilities are really racing to provide a nice service. If you run on the runway early in the morning, you cannot describe your pleasure. Be sure to ask for a free shuttle if you choose a place in the city center for highly affordable accommodation with equipment and Skipass prices. Palandöken Accommodation: You can find the website where you can find affordable prices for accommodation in and around Pakandöken.


The ski resort doesn't try to be bad, but the flaw is that the accommodation facilities are a thermal hotel or a ski hotel. The ski slopes are very suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers. Prices are not high enough to burn. Going as a group allows you to enjoy more.


Uludağ is one of the first ski resorts in Turkey, and the first region is ideal for beginners and intermediate skiers. Skipass prices are quite suitable especially for long term stays after a single card system. Although equipment rentals are confusing, stay away from the most suitable ski suits. The competition is good, but here the competition does not increase the quality of service, only the poor quality of the teams that will be sold at an affordable price. I see the first time arrivals, I just feel sorry for the skis they rent. It is not a place I love, but there is no business management but in the second region, Kuşaklıkaya or Maden are ideal places for skiing. Uludag Accommodation: The best price to stay in Uludag secretly to make a reservation by clicking here briefly Click here for the price of Uludag hotels.


A place to ski from Monday to Friday. As the prices were quite appropriate, the tracks received five stars from me. It would be more convenient if you book in advance. Sarikamis Hotels: Click here to browse for the best prices on hotels near this beautiful ski resort.


The ski slopes are suitable for beginners and intermediate skiers, but the busy weekends can be annoying. I had the opportunity to ski once and I couldn't taste it because it was on Sunday.


A big mountain delivered to a single company. A place where no one will go to Istanbul if it is not close to Istanbul, but it is a place where the less expensive ones go. The runways are actually pleasant but it annoys people to wait close to the 40 minutes in the chairlift. Skipass prices are the same as expensive ski equipment again. But skiers who have to go can still go. Do not take Skipass or ski without looking at the condition of the tracks. The runway number 10 has received good points in my eyes for mid and high-end ski lovers. If you have difficulty in going with your own car, you can choose to do ski tour companies. Be sure to know if the tour is definite here or the tour a day before the day of the tour to say that a nervous breakdown is not difficult. If you have problems, you can prefer KayakTurunuz.com, UludagTuru.net.