The leader of ski tourism in Turkey started uludağda reservations

The leader of ski tourism in Turkey started uludağda reservations: the leader of ski tourism in Turkey started the first book of the year in Uludag. After snowfalls in big cities, ski lovers search the hotels in Uludag and reserve their places for the weekend.

With a bed capacity of 5 thousand beds, the snow thickness has reached 65 centimeters. Currently, snowfall continues in Uludağ intensely. Meteorology officials said that the weather will be clear and sunny in Bursa and Uludağ on Thursday and Friday, and ski lovers can take advantage of this opportunity. The authorities, who stated that the snowfall will continue in Uludağ on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, are waiting for those who want to get rid of the stress of the city. In Uludağ, double room prices range from 200 to 600 pounds.

As of today, chain attaching teams started to work on the road to Uludağ. There is an obligation to wear a chain in exits to Uludağ. Taxi and minibus offices in Tophane provide valet service to drivers who do not want to take risks on the road. Many people leave their vehicles in Bursa and go to Uludağ in order not to take risks of fog and slippery ground on the road.

Reservations are made in January for guests coming from Uludağ to Russia and Ukraine. Especially when foreigners who trade with Bursa come to the city, they do not neglect to vacation at the ski resorts in Uludağ. Although the procurement of services on the Uludağ highway is made from the private sector, the old teams of the Highways will continue to provide services so that there is no disruption in the snow removal works during the winter months.

In the meantime, the Italian company Lietner, which received the right to operate with the new cable car facility from Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, has reached the final stage in the construction of the building and storage facility in Sarıalan. Despite the fact that the process is prolonged by many bureaucratic obstacles of the Uludag National Parks Directorate, which is affiliated with the Bursa 2nd Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, and some so-called environmental associations, it is planned to carry passengers with new cable car cabins until the year before.

Birgül Çevikbaş, the Manager of the Aydın Yıldız Hotel, said that reservations will start from Friday and they will welcome the first visitors at the weekend. Çevikbaş stated that guests can discover all parts of the summit.