Spanish Prime Minister 5 Look, it's coming to Turkey for Mega Projects

5 Look for Mega Projects why Spanish Prime Minister is coming to Turkey: Turkish Government for the first 2014 months of planned new high-speed train lines out to tender in 3 as Spain's great preparation specified. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy gave a great deal that the decision of the minister next 3 to consider making an official visit to Turkey next February to gain about 5 billion euros to keep the project under the name of Spanish Talgo-Siemens partnership. Spanish press 'Mega Projects' as giving the best place to call tender for Turkey's relations with Spain "We are one step ahead compared to the French high-speed train" made the comment. Turkey's geography until 2023, 10 thousand kilometers newspapers emphasized that plans to build high-speed rail line, Spain was reminded that three thousand kilometers of fast rail line. Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy's visit to Turkey along with Public Works, Industry, Agriculture, Foreign Affairs and Defense Ministers are expected to take in the.

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