Snow thickness reaches to 10 centimeter in Uludağ

Uludağda centimeters of snow has reached 10: vehicles due to snowfall in Turkey's most important ski resort of Uludag stayed on the road. Some families had fun with a barbecue grill.

Snowfall at night has increased its impact in the evening hours today. Uludağ's skirts were white. Uludag road also took a snow. Many vehicles that wanted to climb to the top stayed on the road. The citizens of the road wearing the chain of vehicles, highways teams began to open the way to the graders. The teams continue to clear snow along the route so that the Uludağ road is not closed.


Citizens on the road, 'We stopped to take the chain, could not get out. We didn't expect that much snow. There is nothing to say, we have stayed on the road now. S Heavy snowfall for some people turned into a retreat for others. Chain sellers who know the opportunity to flock to Uludag flocked the road. At the 100 meter, one of the chain vendors was trained in the remaining vehicles. The flames burned by the chainsmen in order not to get cold, was fun for the citizens.


On the way to Uludag, knowing the opportunity to burn brazier families created interesting images. A person who makes a barbecue with his family on the snow, 'We saw a break when we saw the snow. We burned a barbecue with our children. We're having fun. I couldn't get out of chain with my car. I had to wear a chain. Zincir

Kids enjoyed the snow by playing snowballs.


The meteorological authority has informed that the snow thickness in Uludağ reaches 10 centimeters and will remain in effect throughout the night. At the peak, where the air temperature drops to zero degrees, snow will be seen at intervals until Monday. A new wave of rainy weather is expected from Tuesday.

In the city center, it is estimated that the temperature, which is now 3, may drop to zero at night. In addition, snowfall, which continues to affect the high levels, is expected to show the effect from time to time in the center.