Suicide attack 15 dead at the train station in Russia (Video)

Suicide attack at the train station in Russia 15 dead: A suicide attack was carried out by a 'black widow' on the train station in Volgograd, Russia. Russian officials said the purpose of the attack was to cancel the Olympic Games to be held in Sochi.
16 people died and 42 people, two of them children, were injured in a suicide attack yesterday on the train station in the city of Volgograd in the south of Russia by a female activist. It was stated that some of the injured were in severe condition, and the number of dead could increase. The attacker organized the attack at noon, taking the opportunity to make the station more crowded than usual due to the New Year holiday. According to the claim of the Lifenews website, the attack was carried out by Oksana Aslanova, one of the women who were suicide bombers and called 'black widows', after their husbands were killed by Russia in the war. The site claimed that Aslanova had been married twice and that both of her husbands were killed by Russia. It is seen that at the moment of the explosion reflected on the security cameras, first a ball of fire appeared inside the station and then smoke began to rise from the station.
Russia's Counter Terrorism Desk said in a statement that the purpose of the attack was to cancel the Winter Olympic Games, which will start 690 weeks later in Sochi, 6 kilometers from the region. The Russian government warned that it might increase the activities of groups that carry out terrorist acts in the country while approaching the Olympics, and demanded that the police forces be careful. Government sözcüIn the statement made by the Süd, it was stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted a new law to be enacted to increase the security measures against terrorism. While no one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet, Russian officials recalled Chechen leader Doku Umarov's statement in July that "we will do our best to stop the games", saying it is possible that separatist Chechens operating in the region may have organized the attack.



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