Pamukova 222 thousand pounds compensation to Muhammad who lost his family as a result of the train disaster

222 thousand lira compensation to Muhammet, who lost his family as a result of the Pamukova Train disaster: The decision was made 41 years after the judiciary in the accelerated train disaster that resulted in the death of 9 people in Pamukova, Sakarya. Muhammet Aydın, who lost his mother, father and brother in the disastrous accident, filed a lawsuit against TCDD. kazanwas. The court ruled that Muhammet, who was orphaned at the age of 9, should be paid 222 thousand liras in compensation.
The court ruled that the 9,5 year ago related to an accelerated train crash in which 41 was killed in Sakarya Pamukova. Şaziye his mother in the accident, Yavuz father, and his brother, who died at the 7 Mevlüt'ı Muhammet Aydin, who found himself seriously injured, right. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), date of accident in which Mohammad 9 years 37 thousand pounds of material, 70 107 thousand pounds thousand pounds ruled that the payment of compensation to be spiritual. The institution that lost the case, Aydin with legal interest 222 thousand pounds paid.
An accelerated train named tı Yakup Kadri Karaosmanoğlu giden from Istanbul to Ankara on the 22 July 2004 near the village of Mekac in Pamukova district was derailed. Muhammad Aydın, who was seriously wounded and lost his whole family at a young age, filed a lawsuit for TRLD in the amount of 41 million pounds.
The case was first heard at the Sakarya Administrative Court. The court issued a non-jurisdiction decision regarding the incident. Aydın and his family sue the train for taking the train from Haydarpaşa Kadıköy Moved to the Commercial Court. When this decision was made, the lawsuit was filed with the Ankara Commercial Court at the request of TCDD lawyers. As a result of years of trial, the court ruled that TCDD will be paid 37 thousand 239 liras for his mother and father who died to Aydın, and 70 thousand liras for his mother, father and brother, along with the legal interest to be processed from the date of the incident.
On the verdict, the relatives of Aydın and the lawyers of TCDD agreed that the case should not be sent to a higher court for appeal. TCDD in accordance with the agreement, Aydin, 222 thousand pounds paid compensation. Aydın's uncle İlyas Aydın said the court's indemnity was unsatisfactory. Explaining that the long trial took them sick, Aydın said, ığ My nephew lost a mother, father and brother. He was injured himself. He had brain surgery. Since then, the 10 year has passed. Permanent damage to his right arm. It's shaking. Then perhaps they would have given this amount, if the child had an investment, today would be very useful to the child. We will invest the child with compensation money. Taz
41 in the criminal case related to the accelerated train accident where the person died Sakarya 2. The High Criminal Court had dropped the case due to the expiration of the 7,5 annual statute of limitations.

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