3. Caspian Forum

  1. Caspian Forum: Head of Kazakhstan Railways Mamin. “We will have a project related to Marmaray next year. In this way, we will stretch through the throat. In other words, a single project from China to Europe can be progressed ica -Gurcistan Undersecretary of Economy and Sustainable Development Mikeladze: - istan Support for the removal of trade in front of the trade in order to increase the welfare of the countries of Georgia G - Romanian Ministry of Transport Buica: It was a dream to connect Europe with the railway system, but thanks to Marmaray, this dream came true y
    Asgar Mamin, President of Kazakhstan's Railways, said that they will have projects related to Marmaray next year, and that they will extend to the straits.
    Caspian Strategy Institute (HASEN), which was held for the third time this year at the Caspian Forum stratejik Caspian Transit Corridor azar panel Mamin, Caspian Region is a region with a strategic location between Asia and Europe, stating that the Caspian corridor will combine the economies of Europe and Asia he.
    . 1.000 is a project linked to the Caspian Sea with a length of a kilometer, terek Mamin said.
    Mamin said that next year they will have a project related to Marmaray and they will reach to the straits, that is, they can progress from China to Europe through a single project, thus increasing the volume of trade, and the future 5-6 can double the trade volume in the year.
    Ziya Mammadov, the Minister of Transport of Azerbaijan said that the Silk Road is not only a means of transport and transportation but also a link connecting the peoples and nations.
    Mammadov pointed out that the transportation systems of the countries not only serve the internal transportation but also the world transportation network. Iç Azerbaijan is an active participant of many projects for the development of Eurasia transportation connections Ül.
    Emphasizing that Azerbaijan attaches importance to regional cooperation as one of the Silk Road countries, Mammadov said that e We hope that this cooperation based on mutual trust will serve the development and friendship of our countries er.
    Mammadov stated that conflicts in one region is a big problem for the countries and that it would be appropriate to solve the problems peacefully. He said that peaceful solutions play an important role in minimizing the risks.
    In It is important to improve security and infrastructure for energy delivery “
    Slovenian Infrastructure and Space Planning Minister Samo Omerzel stressed that it is important to improve security and infrastructure for energy shipment.
    Omerzel, who pointed out that their energy objectives are not only related to the European Union (EU) countries, said that they are in contact with other countries and to invest in a system that can work together.
    Omerzel emphasized that the managers of the country are constantly saying that the revival of the market passes through peace, and said, ti If we ensure peace between countries, our economy will come alive with dispatch arı.
    Georgian Economy and Sustainable Development Undersecretary of new highways Nation Mikeladz de Georgia, stating that improve transport and shipping activities between Azerbaijan and Turkey, "we do a lot of work on regional cooperation. These forums help us to develop such collaborations. Bu
    Mikeladze stressed that Georgia is carrying out its duty to develop transportation infrastructures in the Caspian Region and that Georgia has seen an important bridge between the east and the west.
    Mikeladze stated that Georgia would support the removal of barriers to trade in order to increase the level of welfare of the countries in the region and stated that it would contribute to the activities to be done in this area.
    The Minister of Transport of the State of Romania Nicosaur Marian Buica said that the cooperation between the countries should be carried out and the cooperation between the Caspian Region countries is very important to connect Europe to Asia.
    Romania's strategic objective is to improve co-operation among the countries of the region, including the main objectives of the Romanian government. Buica said that Romania has a strategic position in the shipment of the energy resources of the Caspian Basin.
    Getir Romania aims to take a more active role in European, Caucasian and Asian connections as well as to take part in joint projects, l said Buica, who said that it is important to cooperate between Georgia and Azerbaijan, and that they want to include Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan in these talks. .
    For Kazakhstan, Buica told that it was a dream to tie Asia to Europe by rail but underlined that this dream was realized thanks to Marmaray.
    "Turkey is among the countries play an important role in the development of cooperation"
    Transport company President Rauf Veliyev the Caspian that play an important role in the development of cooperation between the country of Turkey, said they aimed to contribute to the realization of transport projects in the region on the Caspian Project and the new Silk Road project, also said he would operate the company.
    Proj There should be dialogue for the creation of successful regional projects. Barriers to transnational trade should be removed. We will do our best in this sense. Ev Valiyev said that peace has a great role in the development of normal trade.
    The factors provide the economy where there is conflict, emphasizing that are not so easy to Veliyev, recently Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Turkey in that they have decided to to co-ordinate the work of the conducted dialogue, whereby it would not affect the work of this kind of conflict and brought as soon as possible of the language it would be assured of peace .
    Halil Akıncı, Secretary General of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking Countries said that the economic growth in the West is expected to be 3 on average and 10 in the Turkic republics in the coming years.
    Akıncı said that the arrival of a commodity by sea from China is 23 one thousand kilometers. However, if it is through Baku-Tbilisi and Marmaray, it is enough for the commodity to travel the 8 thousand kilometers to 500. Akıncı stressed that if all this happens, the volume of trade in the region will increase.

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