270 passenger on a passenger train in Canada survived the danger of freezing

In Canada, 270 passengers were in danger of freezing on a passenger train: 8 passengers stranded for 270 hours in a passenger train that malfunctioned in New Foundland-Labrador, Canada, were in danger of freezing.
The passenger train of Tshiutein Rail Transportation failed near the city of Schefferville.
Company sözcüJoe Shecanapish, 65 kilometers from Labrador City, which is the last stop, fails the train's electrical system.
he explained.
SözcüIn spite of hours of endeavors, all the blankets on the train and
said that they combined the protection facilities.
Shecanapish, who told the rescue crews about the train's delay to the final destination, reported that there were two pregnant women, children and the elderly among the waiting passengers during the 33 hour cold in the minus 8.
Explaining that water and toilets are frozen due to extreme cold sözcüstated that the rescue teams arrived on time.
“Tonight, it could have been worse,” said fire chief Joe Power, who saved the train passengers. The train stopped at this distance by chance. "We would not have been able to reach the train if it was 65 kilometers away instead of 100 kilometers."
Passengers, including two pregnant women, children, and the elderly, gathered in a wagon and waited for help by wrapping them in blankets for 33 hours at minus 8 degrees Celsius. The company telling that water and toilets are frozen due to extreme cold sözcüJoe Shecanapish said the rescuers arrived on time. Some of the rescued passengers were transported by buses to Labrador City, while others were hospitalized.
It was learned that there were no serious health problems among the passengers who spent the night in Labrador City.


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