Istanbul's public transport vehicles carry 2.5 million passengers per day

Istanbul's public transport 2.5 million passengers transported per day: Istanbul, Turkey's most populous city public transport, 2.5 million passengers per day. Istanbul is the third in this field. Megan 1 months the number of passengers transported in the city exceeds the population of Turkey.
Public transportation is of great importance in Istanbul, whose population is over 15 million. Passenger transportation in Istanbul, which is among the biggest metropolitan cities of the world, increased with the expansion of the Marmaray and Metrobus lines. This number exceeded 700 million when Metrobus, which carried around 1 thousand passengers a day, extends to the Beylikdüzü line. Kartal- which was opened before-Kadıköy At least 29 million people started to use public transportation every day as Marmaray and the rail systems, which were opened on October 2.5, especially the metro, progressed from the general points of the city to the inner points. This figure amounted to 75 million per month, an average of Turkey in the last census is estimated to be around 76 million.
Metrobus and public transport are the busiest hours of the morning and evening hours. The majority of passengers transported per day in the morning and evening hours 07.30 09.30 17.00 with .19.00 and riding public transportation. During the hours of increasing the intensity, the system is monitored by cameras by the Metropolitan Municipality. In countries such as China and India, toluene is preferred because of the large amount of transportation. Istanbul, as a city after these two countries, according to the population in a day in the highest ranking in the country carrying the highest number of passengers.
In a survey conducted by a navigation company in recent months, Istanbul was shown as the busiest city in Europe in terms of waiting times in traffic. However, the total population of major cities such as Rome, Paris, Stuttgart, Brussels, Hamburg, but the population of Istanbul can be reached. If the research is done on population density, it is seen that the traffic density in Istanbul is lower than in Europe. When the passenger numbers of the public transport vehicles that are in service recently are examined, it is seen that Istanbul traffic is also relieved.

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