10. No year to read the march

  1. YEAR rail system is not made to read Anthem: Prime Minister Erdogan, "just is what we do after our rail system Gazi Mustafa Kemal in Turkey." said.
    Prime Minister Erdogan announces his party's 21 mayoral candidates in Istanbul. Before Prime Minister Erdogan entered the hall, party members shouted "Everywhere Tayyip everywhere Erdogan".
    Haliç Congress Center is full of hundle at noon. There's no room in the corridors. Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbas entered the hall between intense applause. Everybody in the place drew halay with the song 'Kalkın butlerlar kalkın'. When the clock is 13.35, Prime Minister Erdogan entered the hall.
    Today, we will have a new era in our cities, which we will announce their names and will introduce them to the public, and hopefully with our presidential candidates. So far we have announced twice in our group meeting, once at the provincial chairmen meeting, and one of the candidates for 47. With the 21 candidate we will announce today, we will be introducing the candidate of 68. We have 13. We will announce these to the public as soon as possible, and then we will intensify our work in full-staff field.
    We are entering the local elections of 30 March with two major advantages. First we enter with great experience. Second, we enter our plans and projects with our investments that will tell us more than we do. Ak Party does not enter the election, the project is entering the election. We have this in our politics. We have a unique Istanbul experience from 1994. Ankara, Konya, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Erzurum
    We have many successful mayors serving two terms, three terms or even four terms in most cities. Each of our chairmen benefits from the experience formed under the AK Party as much as he hears his own personal experiences. We offer the best quality service shoulder to shoulder to our cities. Nobody, nobody can compete with the AK Party's understanding of municipality. Municipal management may be a door of income in the eyes of others. In our view, it is only a service door to the nation. Municipal management may be a means of authority in the eyes of others. In our opinion, it is only a service to the nation.
    Listen well here, follow well. Because we need to make it public. If we had to think of management as filling the pockets, I ask, could we take the number of schools and classrooms we have taken so far to increase? I ask. We could not even find the book of our children in each year of education in the books for free could we put the books? I'm asking you. When we took office, could we give our students 45 scholarship or credit to our students who received lignite scholarships? I'm asking you. If at this point we saw the state as a rant door for local governments, could we move to the FATİH Project in education? I'm asking you again. In our primary schools, our offspring could be given by girls and boys, even if we were able to give them some financial support, like credit scholarships?
    He's not finished. I'm coming to health. Well, I wonder if the treasure was empty, if it was full. Could we get up and build giant hospitals in the 81 province of the country? From the peasant to the farmer, how did we give the workers to the officer and the hospitals? Can all my citizens go to the hospital they want?
    Could it be that the power that fills its pockets?
    Excuse me, where people pulled sledding hospital bred dogs tracked from Turkey has a four-wheel drive concept with escalating health care ambulance to the mountains with a giant car. You too, too. There is a health sense that both departs and takes guests and sends them to his village by having a brother approaching birth and welcoming him to the city. Justice, Security palaces. He's not finished. I ask all of Turkey. When we came to office, which is the way 6 100 thousand kilometers of double road to Turkey, we've added a double 17 thousand km decade. Could he have done it if he had a power that filled his pockets?
    Is there any place in our energy that we don't have in our hands now? He's not finished. Here you go, Marmaray. a giant projects like Marmaray, is done in a Turkey that is a guarantee. The third bridge is being constructed. Just south of Marmaray, there is a new tube passage that will open in 2015. The things I tell you don't fit in here. It's where we are now. I laid down the foundation, was finished to Kadir Bey. It was a slaughterhouse. Now go here and get an apartment, what are the prices? this is the concept of the AK Party that makes the Golden Horn. I would like to thank Kadir Bey for you.
    Look, it's not possible to find a room in the summer in spring. We didn't come here when we stood there. This is the product of love. But that's not enough. I hope it will be even more beautiful. We have taken over with 76 University, we are currently serving in 171 with 81 University. However, we prevented migration. The student was running from one province to another. What would a young man in Hakkari think of the university? What will happen to the university, the poor fukara strange gureba. But now he says I can read it at my university in Hakkari.
    30 MART A MILK
    Dear friends, I especially want you to know. We are not solely accountable to the present. We carry the responsibility of building tomorrow, the responsibility of reconstruction. Today we must take steps so that the future will be enlightened. So in March 30 should be a turning point for Turkey.
    Recently, a great thinker, Said-i Nursi, sets out a highly meaningful principle. Güzel Nice thinker who sees beautiful. It takes pleasure and taste from its beautiful thinker life. When we look at both the body and the heart, it is our most important goal to increase our peace of mind and build an environment that enhances our love of life.
    When our children go out on the street, they should not have a small thing to hurt their souls. Women should not suffer from a negativity. Let our old people feel at home in peace. What we brought for our elderly people, we said that the old buses will be free to the municipal buses. Why? This is our respect. When disabled brothers go out on the street, they should not face any obstacles, they should never be sad. From the window of the Suleymaniye Mosque, the vision of the child facing the world is not the same as the concept of the child facing the world from the slum window. While the streets are transforming the streets into cities, we are not only making arrangements of shape, but also changing the imagination of our people and children.
    We will design cities for people, not for cars. Of course, traffic problems will be solved. Roads tunnels will be built in rail systems. After the rail Gazi Mustafa Kemal in Turkey only our deeds we do. None of our arrivals were able to build a rail system. 10. With the reading of the year anthem, rail systems are not installed. What did you do? We are all around this country with iron nets. They've produced words, we act. All the facts are obvious. The most modern sense of public transport system
    When I was the mayor of Istanbul, the Hungarians had a bus. You would stand up with diesel oil from where you sat down. I won't say his brand. But we went to a change. We brought the Mercedes and everything. In the period of the brain of Kadir, business has improved. Public transport, especially with the BRT system has started to develop a very different culture of public transportation.
    Cars will be designed for children with disabilities, rather than motor vehicles. We will make a city design dominated by people, not the machine. Conception does not occur in several years, we all know that it is difficult to build our lost values ​​in a few years. We're throwing seeds from today.
    Istanbul is a city that has shaped the principles and ideals of the AK Party as well as leading many cities and civilizations. Istanbul and other cities are not stepchildren. Remember that Istanbul is not a city of receiving but a city of giving. Coming to Istanbul sees himself as an Istanbulite. Entering Istanbul becomes a lover of Istanbul. Istanbul is a city shaped with its inhabitants, almost conquering its conquerors.
    Now I'm gonna tell you something. It may sound strange. It was very meaningful to me. When I came from Qatar last night, there was such an inspiration in me. No matter where the music comes from, here is the Istanbulite. Races and beliefs take on a single identity in Istanbul. Science art aesthetics becomes Istanbulite in Istanbul. Istanbul does not receive, generously gives richness to everyone. Istanbul is Turkey's peace and prosperity in peace, prosperity and growth. 80 has none in the province, so that it is not a work-place in Istanbul.
    Those who do not understand the history of Istanbul's tombstones, tombstones to mosques, and the tulips of tulips from their bazaars to the fountains from poyrazdan lodos to cats to the bluefish, can never understand Istanbul. Those who see Istanbul asphalt road have seen nothing. Just as the asphalt is not concrete, Istanbul is not only the throat, just rich, just the elite. Those who want to draw direction outside of Istanbul's history and civilization are the ones who cannot know the spirit of Istanbul.
    We stopped the destruction in Istanbul. We are proud to serve Istanbul a lot. But we are also in love with serving a lot of Istanbul. There are many projects that we have started. hopefully we will continue to prepare Istanbul for the future and continue to maintain Istanbul as the mother of the cities. What the master says, ar It doesn't hurt like the Master, the land like Istanbul “this is the event. You see Kasımpaşa, very enthusiastic. In fact, they make us happy. First I start introducing you to the 20 city, then the candidate of Istanbul.


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