Zonguldaka Escalator and Ropeway Project

Zonguldaka Escalator and Cable Car Project: In ZONGULDAK, Başkent Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş., a candidate for mayor candidate from CHP. Former General Director Kenan Köktürk said that if his party nominates and elected president in elections, he would make Zonguldak a European city….

Kenan electrical engineer known for his fight against the use of illegal electricity Apnea, Turkey Coal Institution of Engineers and Architects Association, told the press conference in the project. Stating that he considered himself lucky among 8 candidate candidates, Köktürk said he believed that he would be nominated by his party. Köktürk said that he went to Kosovo, Slovenia and Italy and met with engineers and exchanged views on projects that could be done in Zonguldak. WALKING STAIRS AND CABLE CAR PROJECT Köktürk said that if he is nominated by his party and elected president, they will work on the Fevkani Bridge in the city center without harming the bridge and the tradesmen around it.

Stating that they will implement the escalator system in some stairs in Zonguldak, known as the 'city with stairs', Köktürk said that they will take the Spanish model as an example here. Stating that they are planning to bring the cable car system, Köktürk said: “We will put a cable car in front of TED College in Yayla District and provide transportation to the Cargo Area where there are minibus stops. The cable car will go up to Mehmet Çelikel High School in Terakki District. We are thinking of doing this in terms of easing traffic.

This escalator and cable car we build are environmentally friendly as they run on clean energy. Its operating cost is low. In our period, I hope Zonguldak will be referred to as the 'city with escalator', not the 'city with stairs'. This is nothing fancy or luxurious. Something that should have happened to me. I hope we will make it happen. " Stating that he is a project designer due to his profession, Köktürk said, “I do not say 'I do' something that I cannot do. We do what we started ahead of time. I am a project designer. My job is to produce projects and put them into action. First I will be successful in the nomination, then I will be the mayor, then I will do these projects. If God gives me life for 5 years, I will do it properly. If I cannot do what I have said, the public will say to me, 'Nothing will happen from you, goodbye'. I speak concrete, realist, real. I present these to my people and realize my projects. "I've always done this in my professional life," he said.