UTIKAD 2013 Year General Assembly was held (Photo Gallery)

UTIKAD 2013 Year General Assembly was held: International Transport and Logistics Service Providers Association (UTIKAD), 2013 years, the General Assembly, 26 November 2013 history in Istanbul gerçekleştirildi.utikad President Turgut Erkeskin, speaking at a stable growth trend increasing in recent years in Turkey continues to He said that very important steps have been taken in order to meet the logistics demands and to improve the transportation infrastructure and to update the legislation.
Launch of Marmaray in 2013, especially 3. airport construction and 3. such as the elimination of the Strait foundation of the bridge will strengthen Turkey's transport infrastructure liberalization of the railways next major projects opened to the private sector, "the country of Commerce of the easiest and the safest made" in accordance with the objective also pave the way for the transport and logistics sector, the enactment of regulations to facilitate customs procedures underlining that significant legislative changes have been made, such as the development of intermodal transport, and infrastructure and legislation.
The acceleration of such efforts towards private sector initiatives kazanexpressed that he did.
General economic conditions in negativity and felt in the sector reflection of the tensions in the region that despite increased attention of turnover UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin, said: "The future of the" production, storage and distribution base "targeted to be in Turkey, our sector of our companies and a member of the world standards We see that it reaches its range of services. In addition, positive forecasts for the future of the sector support the increase of domestic and foreign investors' interest. Our members in Turkey as intermodal transport and our industry developed rapidly growing behalf UTIKAD also the partner BALL projects, such as Turkey's economy, the industrialists and exporters to allow the world to reach people with faster and cheaper cost are embarking on new projects. Our air transporters are able to develop their fleets and networks and have a more competitive market opportunity.
Turgut Erkeskin also touched on the issue of third country transportation, which hinders the competitiveness of exporters and logistics companies in the global market. third country transport - assessment of goods' loading, unloading, loading, unloading points as goods transport between countries outside the country where the vehicle is registered; it affects the foreign trade of our country negatively. In the physical movement between two countries, if the transportation vehicles of the two countries are used; Even if the invoice was issued from another country within the framework of changing world trade practices, it should be accepted as triple trade and not as a third country transportation. We shared our opinions and suggestions on this issue with our Ministry and we have made necessary efforts to resolve this position, which confronts our companies and foreign trade companies with penalties. ”
In his speech at the General Assembly, Turgut Erkeskin, who provided information about the activities and activities of UİKAD in the 2013 year, has been growing and growing day by day with the support and contribution of its members.
He emphasized that he initiated very important works with non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders and improved their cooperation. Erkeskin, "Our addition to our activities with other relevant Ministries and organizations, mainly due to the Ministry of Transport Ministry, CLECAT, IATA, ACC and we have representatives in Turkey we realized together with FIATA
XVIF XVIII, with our contribution to the establishment of BALO, DEIK Logistics Business Council and our training activities
very efficient and very kazanIt's been a good year.” said.
Erkeskin noted that UTIKAD initiated a study in order to reveal the sectoral database in 2013, and gave the following information about the outputs obtained: This data is an indication of the size and strength that our industry has reached today. Bu
Turgut Erkeskin explained the following about UTIKAD's 2014 targets: kin Our target is; public and private sectors to increase cooperation, manufacturers, develop cooperation with the industrialists and foreign trade companies, will be Turkey transport and logistics companies just want to share that reached a level that will serve every country in the world not only in Turkey and the closer together the logistics sector with the exporting sector.
In XIKUM's 2014, 2 is the world's leading organization for the FIATA World Congress. Once the signature would take and therefore voicing expect contributions from industry stakeholders Turgut Erkeskin, he continued as follows: "Cross-country trade has grown, it turned to developing countries for goods movement and the new logistics corridor at a time when concentrated in this region, Turkey has received praise from investments in transport infrastructure, attention It attracts. FIATA 2014 Istanbul congress will be a very important opportunity to introduce our country's potential, advantages and logistics capabilities to the world's logistics players. At the same time, for the first time at a FIATA World Congress, we aim to host the foreign trade companies and exporters, which are logistic users, at this congress and to bring them together with Turkish transportation and logistics companies. We carried out the first of the year 2002 12 years after this convention by growing attention again in Istanbul, we aim to make developing and emerging countries and turning our focus to Turkey in the region "
At the 31st Ordinary General Assembly Meeting of UTIKAD, which was attended by a wide range of members, Nasuh Mahruki, Chairman of the Search and Rescue Association (AKUT), made a speech on “AKUT and Disaster Logistics”. Nasuh Mahruki, who stated that he had an important mission in raising awareness, stated that logistics has a strategic importance in disaster situations and that the studies to be started in cooperation with UTIKAD and AKUT as non-governmental organizations with very serious knowledge in their fields, together with the increase of individual and social responsibilities, communication, transportation in disaster periods. important in ensuring the coordination of transfer, storage and distribution. kazanHe drew attention to the importance of
Following the release of previous period activities, financial statements, management and audit boards, new budgets were accepted unanimously by the General Assembly. In the last section of the General Assembly, UTIKAD President Turgut Erkeskin, 20. UTIKAD year the members of the plate and filled with books published in the year 2013 UTIKAD sponsoring the Export Turkey Assembly (TIM) and its members had presented the documents thanks to the firm.

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