Urfa Balıklıgöle cable car project

Urfa Balıklıgöle ropeway project: The cable car project, which has been expected by Şanlıurfa for a long time, but has not been realized, increased the hope of the citizens with the upcoming local elections.

The preparations for the local elections to be held on 30 March 2014 continued at full speed. The cable car project, candidates should be the main project of the citizens who defend, local elections immediately after a cable car in Balıklıgöl wanted to see said. Concerning citizens indicating whether seen in any other province in Turkey's natural aquarium, the cable car project has already should be brought, but can not be saying that the local elections, said he hopes this issue themselves. saying that the condition of a cable car Balikligol Mesut Demir, "Turkey has no place Balikligol but there's nothing like a natural aquarium cable car in every province and not in our province. It's all over Turkey's tourist attractions, such as the cable car, to be found in Urfa. Until now, the mayors do not know why they did not do such a thing, but hopefully the new president will do this. Şanlıurfa is no longer governed by a single municipality, and central districts have also been formed. This task should be kept not only by the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality but also by the mayors of the district. Tourists visiting our city, no wonder you're not here. Even in a mountainous city like the army, a ropeway was built, but not in Sanliurfa. Please let the new president be on this issue. S

Citizens under the influence of the city of Şanlıurfa, which is a historical city, should be given great importance to touristic places. Urfa Castle, which collapsed last year, should be repaired until now. Sibel Ak, stressing that Urfa castle has been in ruins for a long time, said, layan I am a university student and I would like to say that; I'm not from here, but I've identified with Sanliurfa for three years. The castle, which was the symbol of the city destroyed last year, was not repaired. When I go to the memes I tell my friends the beauty of Şanlıurfa. I can't take my friends to the castle. Like me, tourists coming here can't get to the city fortress. The restoration of this castle had to be completed already. Çok