Uludag's new cable car is in the hotels district until spring

Uludağ's new cable car is in the hotels area until spring: The test drives of the Teferrüç-Sarıalan part of the Uludağ cable car, which the Italian Leitner company made for 30 years of use, started with the participation of the Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe.

President Altepe, after getting information about the study from the company officials, took the first test drive of the cable car. Speaking to journalists afterwards, President Altepe said that the old cable car that has been serving Bursa for 50 years has become more modern. Explaining that there have been some problems in the cable car carrying half a century of tourists and Bursians to Uludağ in recent years, Altepe said, “We dismantled it in this year as well. Now we have also renewed the same stage at the end of the year. We are coming towards the end of the Sarıalan stage, which is about 4,5 km now. Now our ropeway can move. We will complete the shortcomings in the next 1,5 months. We aim to carry passengers until the new year. This study encountered many obstacles before. With the overcoming of these, the problems were resolved. So far, there is no obstacle to reach Sarıalan. I hope we will complete other deficiencies until the new year. ”


Expressing that approximately 35 kilometers of highway distance will be taken in 12 minutes thanks to the cable car, Altepe said, “In 20 seconds, passengers will get into the cabins. Our people will travel without waiting. Previously, there were hours to go to Uludağ. Arab tourists in particular were interested in the ropeway. There will be no more waiting in the cable car. Our speed has increased 12 times, "he said.


Altepe said the work in the hotels stage is ongoing and there are some roughness, said:
“Our goal is to finish that stage until spring. In the summer, we will move tourists to the hotels area. With the new ropeway, a great contribution will be made to the economy of Bursa. Tourists will no longer use the highway. Thousands of our vehicles will not pollute the air. A big profit for Bursa. We have fulfilled our promise. It could have opened earlier if there were no previous problems. Now, good luck to both our Scholarship and our people. ”


Reminding that Kadıyayla could not be reached by road before, Altepe said, “There was no way to Kadıyayla before. Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Dr. We explained this problem to Veysel Eroğlu. We have overcome this problem. The cable car is currently operating here. No sound. Because the machines are in Kadıyayla. Quiet and noiseless. There was a fire in the past days. This would also harm the line. Thanks to this way, it was not damaged. In this respect, we see how important the roads are. Without this road, we would still not be able to reach Kadıyayla. Along with this newly opened road, the fire was extinguished ”.