UIC Middle East Regional Council Meetings (Photo Gallery)

UIC Middle East Regional Council Meetings Convened: International Railways Association (UIC) Middle East Regional Council (RAME) 12. RAME Infrastructure Working Group 10 with the Group of Assistants (11 November) and General Managers (1 November) meetings. Meeting (12 November) Minister of Transport of Jordan Under the auspices of Lina Shabib, 10-12 was held on November 2013 in Jordan, Dead Sea Region.
Prior to the meetings, TCDD General Manager Süleyman KARAMAN, the new Jordanian Transport Minister, who took office three months ago. With Shabib, Turkey, Jordan Ambassador and the International Union of Railways (UIC), General Manager, Aqaba Railway Director General, Jordan Hejaz Railway General Manager and TCDD Deputy Director General with the participation of Ismet Duman, he held a meeting. In the meeting held at the request of the Minister of Transport of Jordan; the historical restoration of the Hicaz Railway and the restoration of the museum in Amman station and the National Railways Plan of the Jordanian Railways were discussed.
In this context, TCDD General Manager Süleyman KARAMAN also met with Mohammed Khalid Al-Suwaiket, President of Saudi Arabia Railways, which will soon launch the first high-speed railway line. 12. Mohammed Khalid Al-Suwaiket, who was unanimously elected as the Vice President of the Third RAME at the meeting of the RAME, gave information on the recent developments in high-speed railway transportation in Saudi Arabia and the ongoing railway construction projects. The meeting also on how to provide support to Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria for the railway project to connect Turkey was made in talks. Completion of the first stage in establishing a modern railway system is to Turkey's border with Syria and Saudi Arabia, the decision was made to correct the missing link that will complete the link with Jordan.
The topics on the agenda of the General Managers Group were discussed in order to be presented to the final approval of the General Managers at the meeting of the assistants group under the chairmanship of TCDD Assistant General Manager İsmet DUMAN.
The meeting of the RAME General Managers Group, which was chaired by TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman and hosted by Jordanian Aqaba Railways and Jordan's Hijaz Railways, began with the opening speech of Jordan's Minister of Transport. All the administrations made a presentation about their projects and investments and their planning. In this way, all the works in the region were learned.
In addition to TCDD, UIC General Manager, UIC Middle East Coordinator, Saudi Arabia Railways President, Jordan Aqaba Railways General Manager, General Director of Jordan Hejaz Railways, Deputy General Director of Iraq Railways, Representative of Afghanistan Transport Authority, Director of UIC Office in Iran , RAI officials and the experts of the said Railway Administrations.
During the meeting, information was given about the Safety Management Training held in Eskişehir with the participation of 2013 people, 5 of whom were foreigners from 8 countries, at the Middle East Railways Training Center (MERTCe) in 2013 within the scope of RAME's activities. Within the framework of the Strategic Action Plan, it has been decided to hold the 11st International Railways-Port & Petroleum-Railways Seminar in Iran at the end of 20 or at the beginning of 135, and the 2013st Railways Inter-operability Seminar to be held in Qatar in 2014. In addition, considering the developments in the high speed field in Saudi Arabia, it was decided to hold the second RAME High Speed ​​Seminar in Saudi Arabia.
Another decision taken as a result of the meeting is 1. Railway Investment and Financing Forum in September 2014 years in Turkey was done. It is known that 2013-2014 1 3 2013 April 11 in cooperation with UIC within the framework of XNUMX-XNUMX Strategic Action Plan. ERTMS World Conference will be held.
Meeting, Rama the next meeting be held in Turkey ended by giving ownership of the house in TCDD.
11 was held last year in Isfahan. The first meeting of the RAME Infrastructure Working Group, which was decided to be established at the RAME Meeting, was held in Jordan on 12 November 2013.
RAME Infrastructure Group 1, where wide participation in Jordanian Aqaba and Jordanian Hijaz Railways is provided. President of TCDD Foreign Relations Department İbrahim Halil Çevik made a presentation about the maintenance of High Speed ​​Lines and Trains. During the full-day meeting, Laurent Schmitt, Infrastructure Chief Consultant at the UIC Railway System Department, and Teodor Gradinariu, UIC Chief Technical Advisor at the UIC Railway System Forum Department, conducted the INNOTRACK Project. He informed the participants about the infrastructure and road maintenance issues such as UIC Plugs about Road and Building, the UCL Project for the SATLOC project and the Ballast Underpads.

Source: TCDD

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