Two good news for Marmaray

📩 17/12/2018 18:15

Two good news for Marmaray: İSPARK will make two parking lots for the 1500 vehicles in Kazlıçeşme and Kozyatağı for Istanbul residents to use Marmaray and reduce the vehicle load in the city traffic.
It has been announced that new parking lots will be built in the historical Marmaray Project, which is expected to greatly reduce the vehicle load in Istanbul traffic. Thanks to the new parking lots to be built by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality subsidiary İSPARK, many car drivers are planned to be encouraged to Marmaray without entering the bridge traffic.
It is stated that the vehicle, which corresponds to 100 kilometers in length, has been withdrawn from traffic every day thanks to the "Park Continue" project in Istanbul, and service is provided at 32 points with a capacity of 10 thousand vehicles. Thousands of vehicles are aimed to be withdrawn from traffic with new car parks that will be integrated into Marmaray, which is expected to carry 1 million passengers a day. While IMM officials emphasized that the new parking areas integrated into the Marmaray Project will be operational very soon, it is stated that a great economic saving will be achieved with the new project. For Marmaray parking lot integration, a parking lot with a capacity of 1500 vehicles will be constructed in the area where Kazlıçeşme station is located on the European side and 1500 meters on the Anatolian side where Kozyatağı metro station is located. The drivers who park their vehicles in Kozyatağı, Kartal-Kadıköy It is aimed to reach Ayrılıkçeşme with the metro and continue to its way by transferring to Marmaray.
”Metro will be integrated“
In addition, 110 will be provided to Ünalan on the Anatolian side, and new parking will be available for 150 vehicles in Soğanlık. Istanbul residents who leave their vehicles in these car parks will easily be integrated to Marmaray by metro.


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