They travel with a primitive cable car

They travel by Primitive Cable Car: In the rural areas of the Eastern Black Sea, where the rugged terrain is dominated, many people carry their cargo by the primitive cable car due to the road problem, and they can ride the cable car from time to time without worrying about falling from the height.

In the rural areas of the Eastern Black Sea, where the scattered settlement is dominated, the road is not reaching everywhere as a result of the steep terrain structure and neighbors' not allowing roads to be built. Thereupon, the locals found the cure years ago to build primitive ropeways between their homes or lands and the nearby road to carry their cargo.

For many years, despite the risk of falling from the height of these ropeways, many citizens reaching their homes or carrying their loads on their land, gave way to the land with the development of technology and state facilities over time and stopped using the cable car. However, the road construction to some land is very difficult, and in some places even though the state wants to make the way to the citizens of the land as a result of not allowing me to pass the road to some houses or land could not be reached.

For this reason, in Trabzon, Rize, Giresun and Artvin, many citizens still carry their burdens to their homes by primitive cable cars that are driven by motor or muscle power on their steel ropes, even carrying their funerals, risking their lives and riding on the cable cars themselves. In the region, it is possible to meet even couples who go to the house by taking the cable car with their wedding dresses and groom from time to time.

- "We have no security of life" -

Hasan Kara, who has a house in Üzümözü village of Trabzon's Şalpazarı district, said that after retirement, he built a house in the village and first built a cable car to carry construction materials. Stating that he started to use the cable car as a means of transportation due to the absence of a road to his house, Kara said, “I built a house in the village and I am sitting in another house in the district center because the road does not reach even though I want to sit. We are providing transportation by cable car because there is no way to my house, so we have no security of life. ”

Pointing out that they are in danger of falling from the cable car, Kara said, “Last year I saw that the cable car was cut partially. We are back from absolute death. I repaired this wire, and then I saw that some of the main wire was broken. I married my son a while ago. Since there was no road, I had to take my son and bride home by cable car after the wedding. Because of the fear that the ropeway gave us, I got colder from my home, my place, my homeland. ”

Stating that the state had sent a construction machine to make their way to their home, but their father Sabri Kara asked for the road route to pass through another area, Kara said, “We cannot travel to my house because of a disappointment. My elders find a solution to the road problem without losing life. The next pain will not benefit, you will be sad but the outgoing will not come back. ”

Hasan Kara's wife, Fatma Kara, explaining that they use the cable car to reach their home in the village, “We use the cable car because we do not have a road, but a person needs to run the cable car and pull the wagon home. When no one is at home, we cannot use the cable car. I am very afraid of getting on the cable car, but when we don't, we have to walk the path for a long time. ”

- “We need cable cars due to the nature of the Black Sea” -

Kemal Gazi Kemal Deniz, one of the local residents, said that even the materials of the houses were transported on the back of the animals or by primitive ropeways, since there is no access to some houses in the region, “Some houses do not reach the road. For this reason, some put their belongings, some put the load on the cable car. Due to the nature of the Black Sea, we need cable cars. I am not getting in, but there are those who take the cable car. You can not rely on the cable car, mind is not a logical job, but a lot of people. As there is no other possibility, the cable car is widely used in the Black Sea ”.

Zengin Özer, who made a living by selling wood, said that the ropeway is widely used to carry loads in the region, and said, "I am also selling the woods I cut from the forest to the ovens by loading them on the road with a cable car."

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