A Rail Call from Trabzon to the Prime Minister

Erzincan Gumushane Trabzon railway line
Erzincan Gumushane Trabzon railway line

Trabzon calls to the Prime Minister by rail: Trabzon City Council made a written statement to Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to re-evaluate Trabzon and work on the construction of the railway center as soon as possible.

In the written statement, “Trabzon has continued to be a commercial city without interruption since its history. This is due to the fact that it is a port city and is located on the trade route silk road that has been formed in thousands of years. At the point we have reached today, the commercial quality of a port city that does not have a railway connection has decreased as a requirement of international transportation. In this period when the Silk Road network changes to the iron Silk Road, the desire of Trabzon to maintain its trade identity with seaway, airway and an important road network will find its right with the railway, which will make it a logistics center.

The combination of railway, airline, road and seaway in this city makes it possible to operate quickly in terms of logistics center. kazanwill cause cost.

As it is known, logistics center studies and discussions that have been going on for a long time have brought a new dimension. kazanis gone. One of the important expectations of our city is that one of the logistics centers that have started to be established in many parts of our country is to be built in Trabzon. The fact that a place is a logistics center should be considered with all the other components of the place. Most of the time, it is seen that regions that are trade and transportation centers are logistics centers by themselves.

Trabzon will automatically become a logistics center with the addition of the existing airway, road and seaway connections, as well as the railway, whose project works are being completed. In this regard, we expect Trabzon to be re-evaluated and the construction of the railway to be started as soon as possible, taking into account all these qualities we have mentioned in the logistics center works from the relevant authorities and especially our dear Prime Minister. Trabzon is ready for this with every aspect. This will add an important value to Trabzon with tourism in the process of becoming a brand city ”.

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