Topbas: Suburban line will turn into light metro

Topbaş: The suburban line will turn into a light subway: Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş said that they made an investment of 60 billion lira in Istanbul in every field. Topbaş from the Ministry of Transport, Gebze Çerkezköyto commemorate the suburban line to a modern light subway.
Kadir Topbaş talked about investments and services at the meeting organized by Istanbul Platform at Çengelköy Yakamoz Restaurant. Stating that they have made an investment of 60 billion lira in every field in Istanbul, Topbaş stated that Istanbul, which is larger than 15 countries of Europe with its population of 23 million and its economy, has become the shining star of the world in recent years. Topbaş also noted that they have produced projects that are models to many cities from Africa to Europe, and that they had the opportunity to defend the rights of countries struggling with unfair income distribution and hunger at the international meetings they attended due to the UCLG Presidency.
Ik We have made great investments in Istanbul that cannot be accounted for with the past. We solved the city's infrastructure, water, waste water and environmental problems. We have made huge investments to solve the transportation problem, yatırım said Topbaş.
X We felt like mobilizing all over Istanbul and wanted to reach the metro, and we only invested 12 billion TL in rail systems. 2019 400 2016 until the mileage will take up. 7 million 2019'da 11'den 276 million people will use the metro. We also made a new road on 400 with XNUMX junction. We are also working on using the sea in Istanbul. '
IETT thousand 705 new buses, the public buses will be renewed by the city's total 3 thousand new buses will be transferred Topbas, Ministry of Transportation Gebze'den Çerkezköyto the modern subway line to a modern subway line will heralded. Connecting the subway to Marmaray, the ongoing construction of Eurasia tunnel and 3. Topbas said Istanbul traffic will be relieved by the bridge and, We are trying to ease the transportation of the city with all these transportation systems integrated into each other. I believe that our citizens who live in Istanbul in the near future will prefer faster, quality and secure access with this public transportation network without taking their vehicle. İnan
Topbas said that they transferred the wastewater to the biological treatment facilities built by tunneling and digging with the tunnels under the ground.

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