They can't use the Marmaras

They are not able to use the Marmaras: Istanbulites attach great interest to Marmaray, which connects Asia and Europe with the tunnel under the sea and expressed as the project of the century.
Asst. Assoc. Dr. Uğur Hatıloğlu stated that they would not be able to use Marmaray unless they overcome their fear and concerns. Hatıloğlu stressed that it is possible to cure the disease, closed area fear of anyone could be expressed. Hatıloğlu, "can not remain in narrow areas, such as can not show. There must be some criteria for us to identify as a disease. It is not right to define fear as a patient in every closed area. Symptoms of this disease; one feels like drowning himself. It experiences palpitations, sweating, love and dizziness. The occurrence of panic symptoms is a differential for the disease. A person experiences this fear a few times and starts to avoid the same behavior. Always a postponement, the alternative enters the search for. "He said.
Hatıloğlu noted that such situations are mostly due to brain MRI withdrawal and not being able to sit in high places. Çıktı The person plans their lives by thinking that the situation is caused by personal characteristics. Actually, it's a phobia, anxiety disorder. It's not right for me to say that. People accept this state as normals. It detects personal traits. This fear starts from childhood. It doesn't show up suddenly. Somewhere, these people have stories like being locked off. The incidence of parental involvement is more common in people with parental status and parents. Elevator, public transport, cinema, classes, some parts of the house may be disturbed. These people prefer more places near the exit. Tickets in the cinema halls, the door will be near the exit. They'il take someone with them. The security seeker acts. They carry safety gear. For example, they take a bottle of water, a breath, a handkerchief or a person. Örneğin
Stating that it can be difficult for people who cannot ride the elevator, it may be difficult to use Marmaray, “They will be afraid to avoid passing through the tube section under the Bosphorus and will avoid it. Especially the recent news of a number of problems that are experiencing the anxiety and fears of these people are increasing further. The fact that the project is new and a number of failures inevitably affect the people who are afraid of staying indoors. Mild sufferers can ride, but people with severe problems will not be able to ride. He thinks that if there is anxiety in the person, something will happen to me. As we think, tension increases and panic symptoms occur. In this case, the person should try to overcome the anxiety. He should direct his attention to another point. For example, he can read a book, watch something. In this case it is very important to breathe correctly. Because of anxiety, people's breathing may be disturbed. In
Hatıloğlu gave information about the conditions in which drug treatment should be done. In this case, treatment is inevitable. If the person is going to postpone this situation, they may experience depression and panic disorder in the future. Drug-free treatment is also possible. In this case it is absolutely necessary to apply psychotherapy. He's on medication if his functionality is too bad. In any case, he also needs psychiatric treatment. Mental and moderate cases of cognitive behavior with the psychologist who knows the problem can be overcome with the problem can be overcome.
Hatıloğlu, gın Fear and anxiety can be reached. For example, it is not right for someone who cannot use the Marmaray project to use Marmaray. Step by step I need to be desensitized. Shorter tunnels can be passed before. If I don't get out of here, if I drown urs etc. Otherwise, if there is more than one fear, there is a risk of trauma and gradually the table may become heavier. The fear can be further strengthened when faced with similar situations. And the fear remains like a friend next to that person. He avoids everything. ”



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