When will the results of the procurement of TCDD Machinist and train worker?

When will the results of the recruitment of TCDD Machinist and train constituent be announced? 500 Machinist (Train) Workers, 86 Mechanical Vehicle Facility Device and Crane Operator, 66 Train Organization Work, to be operated with an indefinite term (permanent) contract in the workplaces affiliated to the TCDD General Directorate Regional Directorates. After the interviews at the General Directorate of TCDD, the candidates are expected to announce the exam result. After the interviews ending on 4 October, when the results will be announced, the eyes will be announced at the General Directorate of TCDD.
As the results of the candidates are still not announced in the minds of the candidates entering the traineeship and the trainee exam, the question marks started to appear in the heads. Candidates who take the interview test are waiting for the exam results to be announced in a fair way. We are calling on the General Directorate of TCDD and publishing the text of the announcement.
Turkey Labor and Employment Agency Provincial Directorate of our request will be announced on 22.07.2013 Jobs in open and will remain classified until 31.07.2013. Our request ad after being declared candidates with the requirements specified, references will be made to the Labor and Employment Agency Provincial Directorate of Turkey.
1- In order to apply for the request to be announced, in accordance with the ve Regulation on the Procedures and Principles to be taken in the Procurement of Workers in Public Institutions and Institutions asında, the candidates are required to obtain at least 2012 points from the 60 year KPSS.
2- Our demands will be published at the provincial level in İŞKUR and it is obligatory to apply in the provincial borders where the request is announced in order to be able to apply to our application in accordance with the ındaki Regulation on the Procedures and Principles to be applied to the Public Institutions and Organizations X.
3- You need to open the pdf file titled görmek Workplaces and Education Status X to see the educational status for the workplaces and candidates.
4- Turkey will be announced on Labor and Employment Agency before submitting an application candidates will apply to our request;
- To see the workplace they will work,
- Interview with the Machinist Workers, Train Organization Workers and Mechanical Vehicle Facility Device and Crane Operators who were previously employed,
- Candidates who will apply to Train Organization Workmanship watch the trailer movie of Train Organization Work on the TCDD website,
- It will be useful for them to read the definitions of the Machinist Work, Train Organization Work and Mechanical Vehicle Facility Device and Crane Operator on the TCDD website.
5- Candidates will be able to apply for only one of the declared workforce demands.
6- To be able to participate in the oral examination of the candidates to be sent by ISKUR, the dates specified in the notification to be sent and published on the TCDD website
- Learning document,
- ID card copy or photocopy,
- Military status document, (indicates that he is discharged, suspended, exempt.)
- Forensic Registration Document from the Public Prosecutor's Office (If there are registration records, court decisions of each record (may be a copy without approval)
- They will fill in the Picture Job Request Information Form (which will be published on the website) and deliver it to the General Directorate of TCDD Business Administration, Human Resources Department, Gar / Ankara.
7- Luleburgaz 171, Çerkezköy Candidates who apply to 164, Edirne 173, Usak 353, Banaz 354, Manisa 312, Alasehir 352, Manisa 361, Turhal 415, Basin 413, Karaman 622, Ulukisla 631, Pomegranate 651, 751 X, Xmas 744 and Isparta XNUMX Road Maintenance Repair Chiefs photocopy is requested.
8- Candidates who do not submit their documents will not take the oral exam.
9- Oral exam date and place, http://www.tcdd.gov.tr will be announced on our website. In addition, the date and place of the oral exam will be found in the list sent by İŞKUR and the candidates who submit documents will be notified in the delivery of documents or a notification will be sent to their addresses.
10- Mechanic workers, train building workers and mechanical vehicle installation equipment and crane operators who will take part in our organization will be served in accordance with the Labor Law numbered 4857.
11- The trial period of the candidates is 4 month.
12- Candidates whose appointments are made must work for at least 5 years in the workplace. You cannot request a transfer within this period.
13- The nominated candidates may be operated day and night on an 24 hourly basis.
14- The candidates who have been appointed and started to work, the 7 4857 25 in the year of the labor law in accordance with the second paragraph of Article II or if voluntarily separated from the training, courses and internships during the program they receive during their wages and professions about the training, course and internship programs given by the employer the amount of time to be calculated according to the current conditions, will pay compensation to our Entity.
15- As a result of the verbal exam to be made successful machine workers, train workers, mechanical vehicles, plant equipment and crane operator candidates;
Medical Board Report shall be taken from any State Hospitals or Official University Hospitals.
In the Health Board Report;
-View Levels (right-left eye specified separately)
-Color examination (ishihora test)
- Hearing Examination (the pure sound mean of the audiometric result is how many meters he hears the whisper) will be specifically mentioned.
- The medical report you have received during the delivery of your certificates will be evaluated by our Regional Health Directorate in accordance with the Health and Psychotechnical Directive of the General Directorate of Turkish State Railways and your group will be identified. Group Mechanic Work, Train Organization and Mechanical Vehicles Candidates who are suitable for device and crane operator will be sent to psychotechnical examination.

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