Special stamp and money for Marmaray and Izmir Economic Congress

Special stamps and money for Marmaray and İzmir Economy Congress: PTT General Directorate has printed the first day envelope and stamp for the 5th Izmir Economy Congress with Marmaray, which is one of the most important projects in the history of the Republic and which was put into service a few days ago.
Veysel Kara, PTT İzmir Directorate of Marketing and Marketing Directorate Service Responsible, told the AA correspondent that the first day of the PTT General Directorate, specially organized for the 29th İzmir Economic Congress, was held with Marmaray, which was put into service on 5 October and brought the two continents together, and He said he was stamping the stamp.
Stating that 5 thousand on Marmaray and 6 thousand on İzmir Economic Congress were printed on the first day, Kara said:
“Our General Directorate printed the stamp with the first day in memory of the opening of Marmaray and in memory of the 5th Izmir Economic Congress. On the first day, we present our enthusiasts who are interested in this business, to our guests who come to the Economic Congress to cherish the memory of today. At the same time, about 15-20 thousand stamps were printed. These will be used until another stamp is printed. printed stamps are sold for Economic Congress from 1,10 cents, and those who want the post office to send a letter anywhere in Turkey that can send their shipments using them. These are things that aren't always published on special occasions. Economics Kongere is done for the 5th time in Turkey's history. As the PTT family, we want to contribute and immortalize this with stamp and the first day. ”
Undersecretariat of Treasury Darphanev has printed 5 thousand coins related to the 2th İzmir Economic Congress. The moment that the participants attend the congress, the money is sold for 50 liras.

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