The External Ring Road Project Planned to be Constructed in Konya should be in 2014 Budget

The External Ring Road Project Planned to be Constructed in Konya is to be in 2014 Budget: MUSIAD President of Konya Branch. Lütfi Şimşek stated that transportation is an important point for the faster development of Konya and stated that the project yapıl New External Ring Road yolu planned to be held in Konya should take place in the olduğun 2014 year budget investment plan L.
MUSIAD President of Konya Branch Lütfi Şimşek emphasized that transportation investments to be made in Konya are important in terms of future vision and said yatırım Konya population and economy are growing day by day. In particular, the key road in our economic development is transportation. Turkey's central city of Konya, plays an important crossroads in the middle of Anatolia task. Investments to be made in the transportation area come to the forefront in order to be able to use our feature as the central city in the heart of Anatolia. Anadolu
Referring to the importance of the Logistics Center work for Konya in the field of transportation, President Dr. Lütfi Şimşek said, “The Logistics Center is an important project in delivering the products produced in our city to the port in a faster, more reliable and more economical way. We believe that our industrialists will increase the export potential of our city with the logistics center. Following the completion of the logistics center, the rehabilitation of the railway line between Konya - Karaman - Mersin and acceleration in both directions will play an important role in both passenger transportation and transportation of our products to the port. As a matter of fact, it has been pleasing for us that our Prime Minister gave the good news that this line was accelerated into the investment program. Thus, reaching the world with the port connection of the products produced in Konya will be important in increasing our exports ”.
Şimşek pointed out that the External Ring Road project, which is planned to be built in Konya, is important for both the city and the industry. In addition, the importance of the ring road is increasing in order to accelerate our connections to other provinces. A central city in the middle of Anatolia should be accessible from every point and reach every point. For this, we believe that our external ring road project should be included in the budget of 2014 year Bun.

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