Pressing Emergency Button, Despite Security in Marmaras (Video)

Pressed Emergency Button Despite Security in the Marmaray: When the emergency button was pressed in Marmaray, the wagons were prevented on the flights. In spite of the security officials, those who used the buttons unnecessarily caused the expedition in Marmaray to slow down.
After Marmaray time of disruptions in the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) was taken by the measures. In order to prevent the emergency button from being pressed, security guards started to be kept in the cars. In spite of the security in front of the door, unnecessary emergency buttons pushed to Marmaray from time to time.
Citizens reacting to the situation, said the structure is wrong.
Marmaray is a citizen of the transportation voicing the disruption of the government expressed a citizen, u Those who pull this button, those who can not attract. However, they can suffice with pulling the button Ancak.
A citizen named Arslan Yıldırım said, yanlış Those who do not see what the government is doing wrong are ungrateful. If the people of Istanbul does not know what is ungrateful itself, "he said.
Sevda Doktaş stated that he liked Marmaray very much and said okta I will go to Yenikapı okta and he criticized those who hit the emergency button. Doktaş, "not be done unfair," he said.
After Marmaray's stop after Üsküdar station, citizens said, 'I think they pulled the lever. They're doing it. It's something for us. Bu
Marmaray citizens traveling on the emergency button for safe travel to the duty attendant, avoiding talking about the situation, said that the officer.

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