Railroad Works at Full Speed

Railway Works in Arifiye Continue at Full Speed: The construction of the railway bridges that will connect the Arifiye center with the neighborhoods and villages continues at full speed. While the construction of 2 railway overpass bridges has started in Arifiye, the works continue at full speed, while the teams of TCDD continue to lay the high-speed train tracks right next to the existing tracks.
Arifiye Mayor İsmail Karakullukçu said, “The construction of the Arifiye Müselles location, which will connect our neighborhoods and villages with the center we have established in Arifiye so that our citizens can handle all kinds of work, and the railway overpass bridges in Arifiye Büyükdere have started. Currently, studies are continuing at full speed. Teams affiliated to TCDD also continue to lay high-speed train tracks right next to the existing tracks. The construction of our new station building starts in February. When all these works are completed, Arifiye center and our villages and neighborhoods will be connected to each other. Thus, it will be possible to go to Toyota-Sa Hospital in two minutes from Arifiye center. Likewise, our citizens in our districts and villages will be able to come to the district center with a single vehicle ”.

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