TCDD Promotional Tender Postponed

TCDD Promotion Tender was Postponed: A meeting was held today at the TCDD Headquarters meeting hall at 19.11.2013 regarding the promotions to be paid to the personnel working in the workplaces of the TCDD Headquarters.
Mayor Can CANKESEN, TCDD Deputy General Manager Mustafa ÇAVUŞOĞLU, TCDD Financial Affairs Department President Oktay FİDANER participated in the meeting.
Before the tender, as a TCDD, 11 was sent to the banks and the banks were listed below.
1-Garanti Bank (unable to bid for objecting to specification)
2-Ziraat Bank,
4-Halk Bank (Not to participate in the tender with the letter sent)
5-Akbank (unable to enter into bidding with the objection of other banks because it did not arrive at the tender time)
6-Is Bank (stated in writing that the tender will not enter)
Some of the banks that bid for the tender were eliminated as a result of the developments mentioned above and could not continue the tender.
Vakıfbank and Ziraat Bank continued to tender through auction.
Ziraat bank; 603 TL has been given as the first offer, the auction has been withdrawn from the tender by offering the latest 980 TL.
Vakıfbank; 900 TL was the first bid and 1075 TL was the latest bid.
The proposal given by Vakıfbank was challenged as our President and accompanying delegation, and it was reported to Vakıfbank representatives and TCDD Officials that this figure was not possible.
We do not have the opportunity to accept the promotion tender under these conditions and to sign the contract. If the terms are not in favor of the employees, the tender shall be canceled in order to cancel and reopen the tender. Our negotiations with the relevant authorities are ongoing and the process is continuing.
Developments will be announced separately.

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