Channel Istanbul for the project to produce 56 thousand megawatts / hour electricity

Channel Istanbul, the project will produce 56 thousand megawatts / hour electricity
Channel Istanbul, Turkey's electricity requirement of applying deep-sea project hazırlandı.kanadalılar to be converted into a structure that will meet all of which Gibraltar for the establishment Strait also like the underwater turbine power stations that started the study, 56 years if the channels established in Istanbul thousand megawatts / hour electricity will be produced. Turkey's current installed power 52 300 thousand megawatts level. The length of the channel is planned to be 45 or 56 kilometers. The 625 power plant, which will be the 175 turbine at each of the 80 meter intervals, will carry a total of 14 thousand turbines. The power of water will be used to generate electricity.
Economist Fikret Bizimcan received the patent and sent it to the Prime Ministry and the ministries. Explaining the project that the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and the Ministries of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications have a special interest in, Bizimcan said, yüzey The channel to be opened will be 45-55 km long, 150 meter surface and 120 meter base width and its depth will find 25 meter. In this case, the magnificent upper and lower discharge power of the Black Sea and Marmara can be converted into electrical energy. This system can be applied to every sea. However, the establishment of the channel in the construction phase of Istanbul reduces the investment cost. Ancak
Bizimcan, who said that the project was patented in the 2011 by 2011 / 04331 in May 625, said: ′ The distances of the 14 are thought to not cut the flow rate of the water. 80 thousand pieces turbine will be corrugated underwater. If these are installed in 56 plant form, it is possible to produce XNUMX thousand megawatt electricity per year.
Turkey's current installed power 52 300 thousand megawatts. So this project meets Turkey's entire electricity needs if this occurs. "Fikret Bizimc that the turbines are made in Turkey, stressing that it is possible," the beautiful thing is that technology is available in our seas and rivers, "he said. Bizimcan stated that the project was delivered to the Prime Minister's Directorate General for Renewable Energy to be presented to the Prime Minister. Sunul The relevant ministries have seen the project and found it positive, Bizim he said.
The upper stream flowing from the Black Sea into the Bosphorus is at 2009 / 260 / year level with 123 measurements. From Marmara to the Black Sea, 57 water / year goes to the Black Sea. Bizimcan eh The water flowing from the Black Sea toMarmara is more than a kilometer / year from the Danube River. When compared to the flow rate of the world's largest river, Amazon's 378, it brings the Bosphorus to the level of the world's most important rivers. Dün

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