Train Passed Over

A train passed over it: The boy who was under the train while playing on the rails in Bismil district of Diyarbakır got over the accident.

According to the information received, the regional passenger train that made the Diyarbakır-Batman expedition belonging to TCDD in the Industrial District of Bismil district hit Recep Yıldız (14), who was playing games with his friends on the rails.

The train passed over Yıldız, who fell in the middle of the rails due to the impact. Yıldız, who was taken from under the wagons by the surrounding citizens and taken to the Bismil State Hospital, after the first intervention here

He was sent to Diyarbakır Training and Research Hospital.

Yıldız, who was treated in the orthopedic service of the hospital, explained how the event took place. Yıldız, telling that the train passes over all the wagons, said, “While trying to cross over the train tracks, I did not notice that the train was coming. The train hit me. I don't remember well after that, ”he said. Yildiz said that now he has pain in his feet and left shoulder.

Mother Besna Yıldız, who told about the events in Kurdish, stated that she was thankful that her son survived the train accident and said, “My son survived the accident. When they said, 'The train hit your son,' I thought I wouldn't be able to see him alive. I was happy when I came and saw him alive. I thank God, ”he said. TCDD officials also said that the trains are very slow in the area in question, and that the drivers are experiencing troubles due to the lack of under and overpasses and the carelessness of the citizens.



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