Boztepe Ropeway in Ordu Breaks Record by Carrying 1,8 Million Passengers

Boztepe Cable Car broke a Record by Carrying 1,8 Million Passengers in Ordu: The cable car, which was built to facilitate transportation to Boztepe in Ordu, broke a record by carrying approximately 1,8 million passengers since the day it started operations.

530 2.5 years ago to facilitate access to the city center in 1.8 meters in Ordu, XNUMX broke the record by carrying about XNUMX million passengers since its inception.


Ordu Mayor CHP Seyit Torun 2.5 530 2 350 21 9 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX President Torun pointed out that the number of tourists visiting the city and staying in the city increased significantly after the cable car station, which cost XNUMX million pounds, increased. Say In previous years, tour buses went on a tour of the Black Sea and visited the Army and then went without accommodation. Now the tours are staying in Ordu, going up to Boztepe by cable car, traveling our city. In the middle of the cable car contribution to tourism, Tel he said.


The chairman Torun, who claimed that the ropeway had achieved a historical record in Europe since its inauguration, said: Our ropeway line has achieved a new record by working in Europe for its peers, since the opening of the 1 bin 800 hours. These data make us very happy. Now we know and follow the Army in Turkey and abroad. Artık


Mayor Seyit Torun, the city's cable car broke tourism in the new targets to improve the sea tourism and take the blue flag, he said. Torun said, ilgi During the sea season that we left behind, our people showed great interest in the city beach, which is still in operation. This region, known as the beach in the memory, will be the address where the armies meet with the sea in the future as in the past. With the completion of the coastal project, we will apply for the 'blue flag'. Ordu, the pearl of the Black Sea, will attract attention with its unique coast. Karad

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