Turkey's new ski resorts

new ski centers in Turkey: Courhevel, Chamonix (France), St. Moritz (Switzerland), Zell am See (Austria), Cortina (Italy), Aspen (America), Borovets (Bulgaria). These are some of the ski resorts where tens of thousands of Turks spend millions of euros to ski each year.
Last year, 3500 Turkish skiers only went to Courchevel. With an average 3000 euro per capita, 10 has flown to France over a million euros. Bulgaria has the cheapest ski resorts known as 300 euro.

But beyond 3 thousand meters height and ideal for skiing in Turkey "powder snow" including 100 is located on the mountain with the appropriate environment.


The current youth loved skiing. The number of people engaged in this sport has increased rapidly compared to the old years. However, the number of our facilities is small, the demand is very high, our citizens found the alternative abroad. Another reason is; Semester holidays, although it is only separated according to regions all over the world to demand the same day tatill exit 20 million in Turkey. In the east of the West to Turkey in the hotel because of all the holiday semester 15 day fit with excessive price demands as diffucult to find the cause are normally solid 3 days. In this case, skiers will be interested in skiing abroad in order to find suitable prices and places.


Now the alternative of Turkish skiers is not only Uludağ, Kartalkaya, Palandöken or Overseas Ski Centers. According to our research as a Tour Operators platform, we have found that the number of ski resorts that are open for use today has reached 51 and that the new center of 50 is still under construction or project.

Some of our new ski resorts, which have been completed, are under development or in the project phase, are as follows:

• Kayseri - Erciyes; Turkey and is running to become one of Europe's largest ski resorts. Erciyes 160 will be the second largest ski resort in Europe after the Alps with its slopes.

• Erzincan - Ergan Mountain ski resort; Summit 3 bin 258 m. On the 180 day of the year, the mountain is an important center for winter tourism. Once completed, the 12 will be one of the few ski resorts with the world's longest ski slope with its kilometer ski slope. This investment seems to be the largest tourism investment in Eastern Anatolia.

• Erzincan - Sakaltutan - Bolkar; 40 km to Erzincan. At the ski resort in the Bolkar Mountains, there is a 1050 meter-long, 1200 telescopic facility and a 300 meter-long baby-lift facility and a ski house. Runway length is 1100 meter and medium-hard level. The skiing season is from December to April. Snow thickness is average 100 cm.

• Erzurum - Konaklı Ski Center; Located at 17 km from the city center, Konakli Ski Center is the longest lift in the 2145 meters. The highest point is the height of 3185 m. 16 Track is available.

• Erzurum - Kandilli Ski Center; The city center is 36km away. The altitude of the runways varies between 1.713-1.767m. 2,5km, 3,75km and 5 are blue and red runways.

• Elazig - Sivrice - Hazarbaba; Hazarbaba Mountain is located at the borders of Sivrice district and is located at a distance of 25 to Elazığ. On the Hazarbaba Mountain with the 2.347 meter peak, the snow thickness in normal winter conditions is around 2 meters. The ski season starts in December and continues until March. The facility's existing tele-ski facility was expanded in 2000 to the 1700 meter, and the ski slope was developed to provide amateur and professional skiers with comfortable shifts. The Sivrice Hazarbaba Ski Center in Elazığ has a horizontal 8 runway for skiing. Ski slopes 3 km. long. Requiring the challenging slalom ski descents Hazarbaba facilities are among the most challenging ski slopes in Turkey. You can find accommodation in Turpol with 6 bed Mavigöl and 100 bed, located on the edge of Hazar Lake, which is located 150 km from XNUMX km.

• Isparta - Davraz Ski Center; In the Mediterranean region in the province of Isparta in the city center 26 km. Away. Mount Davraz is one of the mountain masses rising in between the Eğirdir and Kovada Lakes and the Isparta Plain in the Lakes Region of the Mediterranean Region with the peak height of 2635 m. Davraz Ski Center has 3 hotels and long tracks reaching 5 km. 26 is located in Isparta city center, 58km from Suleyman Demirel Airport. Davraz Ski Center attracts attention with its treeless structure. 2 300m 1210m with 624m length chairlift and 2100m length teleski except for the baby lift. height

• Bitlis Ski Resort; The ski resort is located in Bitlis city center. It has a ski house with a teleski resort. The length of the facility is 725 meters and the capacity is 710. The 1000 meter is a medium-sized and difficult runway. During the skiing season between December and April, the snow thickness is 2 meters.

• Bingöl - Yolaçtı (Kurucadağ); Bingol city center 25 km. on the main road route. A teleski with an 925 meter is available. There is also a ski house in the center. There are also Runways for beginner and advanced skiers and the longest runway is 1000 meters. The lower station bin 650, the upper station is located at a height of a thousand 890 meters. Transportation is provided by buses and special vehicles. There is a ski house in the Ski Center. Accommodation in the city is used for accommodation and other services.

• İzmir - Ödemiş - Bozdağ; The facility is located in Bozdağı within the boundaries of Bozdağı Village of Odemis District of Izmir Province. From the 110 to Izmir, you can ski from December to March. The ski areas are in the 1700-2157 meter heights. Especially on the slopes of the mountain facing north, there is a favorable environment for Alpine skiing. Bozdag Ski Resort is operated by Balcova Thermal. Featuring a rooftop bar with live music at weekends, with oriental angular mountain and plain views

• Gümüşhane - Zigana; Zigana ski resort is 60 km to Trabzon and 40 km to Gumushane. The ski center has 1 pieces, a baby-lift facility and a ski house. Facility 661 meters long, 843 personality. Ski season between December-April. Snow thickness 100-150 cm. Transportation is provided by private vehicles or passenger buses. The ski area, which is usually covered with a forest area, is covered with grass at the heights of 1900-2500 m. The ski season starts in December and continues until April. Snow thickness is 100-150 cm. K feet Center has a Ski House, a ski lift and a Baby-Lift facility. The length of the plant is 661 meters and the capacity is 843 person / hour. The width of the ski track is 100-200 and the average gradient is 20.

• Ağrı - Bubi Mountain / Güneykaya - Eleşkirt Ağrı; Turkey's biggest mountain Mount Ararat Bubu (5.165 meters) Pain 18 km from the city center. Away. 1227 meters long, 600 is a teleski, 1 has a seating area in the sub-station building. During skiing season, the snow thickness reaches the 2 meter. Central and difficult runways in the center of the ski season is from December to April. Longest runway length 1.200 m. Ağrı Eleşkirt Güneykaya ski resort has a Hotel, two day trip facilities

• Burdur - Salda Ski Center; It is located within the boundaries of Yeşilova district of Burdur province on the Antalya-Denizli route. The ski area is at an altitude of 2.079 meters. The maximum length of the 1.600 meter is 950 and the total length of the 5 track is 860 meters.

• Kars - Sarikamis; The facility is located at the height of 2.634 in the Sarıkamış district of Kars. Sarikamis Ski Center is located at 50 km to Kars Airport and 60 km from the city center. Away. The ski center has a 12 stage runway with a total of 5 km between the pines and the X Crystal Snow N in the Alps.

• Gümüşhane - Zigana Ski Center; In the Black Sea Region and has a height of 2.032 meters. tele-ski and baby-lift are available and the total length of the tracks is 661 meters

• Kütahya - Gediz Murat mountain ski resort; The summit of Murat Mountain has an 2 bin 340 altitude. There are also thermal facilities on the mountain. The ski slopes at Sarıçiçek Plateau at the height of 1870 are addressed to skiers of all levels.

• Bolu - Arkas Mountain Ski Resort; It is located at 5 km from Gerede. 900 meters ideal for beginners

• Kastamonu - Ilgaz Yıldız Tepe ski resort; Near the Ilgaz Mountain is a new ski resort at 1800 meters altitude. Chairlift length 1300 m. The runway length is 1700 m. There are 2 accommodation facilities in and around the ski resort.

• Tunceli - Ovacik Ski Center; 1200 meter length telepath is being made. The accommodation facility to be built will be 5 storey, 34 room and 75 bed capacity
• Antalya - Saklikent; It is located on the Beydağları in the Mediterranean Region. Total 3 km runway
• Ankara - Elmadağ; Central Anatolia Region, located in the province of Ankara province and the city center 18 km. Elmadağ is located at a distance of 1.850 meters. 900 meter length has 1 pcs track
• Muğla - Erendağı Ski Center; 1650 people can be carried a day with the tele-ski facility on the line of 800 meters. 4 km. the new ski slope in length, said to work to train the next season.
• Malatya Ski Center; The work at Yama Mountain Ski Resort continues. A facility with 70 beds was built.
• Hakkari - Şemdilli Ski Center; 25 from Hakkari center is located in the village of Güzelkonak. Facilities are under construction.
• In Ardahan - Yalnızçam; one fixed lift chairlift and one telesel will be built
• The preliminary feasibility studies of the ski area in Trabzon - Çakırgöl have been completed.
. It is located in the Çakırgöl Plateau with an altitude of 2504 in the Zigana Mountain range on the Trabzon-Gümüşhane border.
• Rize Ovit - Trabzon Uzungol Ski Center; At the project stage
• Van - Abalı Ski Center; It is at the peak of the Artos mountain at 35 kilometers away from the center of Van and at the 2 bin 800 altitude. No accommodation facilities yet. . Under construction
• Samsun - Ladik. Akdag Ski Center; Small but a hearty skiing center in Samsun. There is an 650m long runway.
• Ordu - Çambaşı Ski Center; Feasibility stage • Nemrut Ski Center; 2 bin 550 meters have runway length. 75 is a bed and breakfast accommodation.
• Tarsus - Gülek Karboğazı Ski Center; Under Construction • Sivas - Yıldız Mountain Winter Sports Tourism Center
• Kayseri - Hacılar Ski Center.
• Konya - Derbent Aladağ Ski Center
• Aksaray - Hasandağ ski resort
• Artvin - Atabarı ski resort
• Bayburt - Kop Mountain ski resort
• Çankırı Yıldız Tepe ski resort
• Bursa - Alaçam ski centers are under development or project phase

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