Undersecretary Soluk Yozgat examined high-speed train works on site

Undersecretary Soluk Yozgat examined high-speed train work on the spot: Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Habip Soluk, the delay in the divided roads and the reason for the deterioration of the legal procedures related to the quarries found in the region, said the trouble.
Habib Soluk examined split road works and different projects on site with Governor Abdulkadir Yazıcı within the scope of high speed train works in Yozgat. After the investigation, Governor Abdulkadir Yazıcı, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Communication Habip Soluk and Mayor Yusuf Başer answered the questions of journalists at a press conference held at Yozgat Municipality Şahin Tepesi Social Facilities.
Commenting on the divided road works under construction in Yozgat, Soluk stated that the road passing through Yozgat was also used by Sivas, Erzurum, Ardahan and Iğdırlılar, and there were some difficulties in the construction of the divided roads. Soluk, “We are doing our best to end the road. We had a hard time buying and using quarries here. They turned down the quarry in Yeniyapan village on the grounds that the animals would be frightened by the explosion. After all, the reason for the delay of these roads is the reason why they remain so corrupt, our difficulties in the progress of legal procedures in the use of the quarries detected in your area. Governor Abdulkadir Yazıcı Bey, our deputies and mayor did not withhold their help in this matter. ” said.
Emphasizing that the material obtained from Aşağıelmahacılı is not suitable, Soluk said that they will start to use the licensed furnace of Yozgat Municipality.
Reminding that there are works related to high-speed train in Yozgat, Soluk said, “We have works on high-speed train, we also went to the site of the rate. Our highways have works. Our highways have 20 construction sites within the boundaries of Yozgat province. We had the road to Sorgun, Sarıkaya and Boğazlıyan. The problem here is that the road is in court, as our fellow countrymen have not given their consent in an area of ​​8 kilometers between Sarıkaya. Whenever the court decides, we will do the way. ” he spoke. Stating that some roads are disturbed on the route of Sekili and Ankara in Yozgat, Soluk said, “Those roads will be built again by the contractor company.” said.
Stating that work is continuing between Yerköy and Ankara in high speed train operations except Elmadağ, Soluk said, “There is a viaduct in Elmadağı, almost the highest footed viaduct in Europe. A tender for that viaduct will be held. Apart from that, Kırıkkale and Yerköy tenders were completed. Work continues between Yerköy and Sivas and for projects after Sivas. When the train passing through Yozgat includes a Yozgat inhabitant until Sivas, Erzincan, Tbilisi, Baku, until Beijing; When he goes west he can go all the way to London. ” he spoke.
Stating that they brought services to Yozgat to be underestimated as the Ministry of Transport and Journalism, Soluk said, “We do not just make roads, we built a call center, we made information technology classes to our schools, we put smart boards in our secondary schools.” said. Stating that they will make an intersection to the hospital, which is under construction, Soluk stated that an overpass will be constructed on different routes.

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  1. The peasants who have just built above did not give the land because the animals will be country, it is not relevant. The January would be at the bottom of the village, even grass would not grow in a few hectares of land. Why would the peasant live in the dust?