Another response to the shifting of projects from Trabzon

Another reaction to the shifting of projects from Trabzon: NGOs in Trabzon are collaborating on logistics. The cancellation of Çamburnu Logistics Center Project, which was discussed by Trabzon for two years, and the declaration of Iyidere Of Valley as a logistics center, woke up deeply in Trabzon. . While NGOs support the establishment of logistics center in Iyidere, they insist on the view that 'Camburnu is ready, should be started immediately'. NGOs come together under the slogan “Let the ear of Trabzon open”.
Logistics to both Çamburnu and Iyidere
Şaban Bülbül, Member of Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and Railway Platform, emphasized that a study or project in Trabzon should not be shifted to Rize. Çamburnu Logistics will come to life. Give it to Iyidere. Don't take one from the other. Because we are concerned about the shifting of the railway, un he said.
Wanted to Play with Gene of Silk Road
Bülbül stated that with the transfer of the Çamburnu Logistics Center to İyidere, the railway will also slide and said: demir For this reason, we want to open the ear of Trabzon public opinion. We call on politicians to claim their promises. The direction of the Silk Road is changing. The Silk Road passing through Zigana is wanted to be moved to another place. The economy does not work with imposition, Ekonomi he said.
Chairman of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers and Member of the Railway Platform Şaban Bülbül criticized the shifting of the logistics center, which is one of the most important legs of the railway, to İyidere Valley and stated that they would like to open the ear of Trabzon public opinion in order not to shift the railroad from Trabzon. Bülbül stated that it is necessary to think about the railway with the logistics center. Ifade In the end, one of the indispensables of the logistics center is the railway. Instead of the logistic center in İyidere, we expect the establishment of a logistics center in Çamburnu and the connection of the railway to those concerned. We want them to stick to their promises in the previous elections. We remind you that the railway should be lowered to Trabzon. Trabzon public opinion. We want to make public. We do not want the investments that Trabzon thought and projected to shift from one hand. We are not against the establishment of logistics center in İyidere. Let it be set up in Çamburnu. Establish well in İyidere. But if you say that Çamburnu should not be established, you should get an investment from one province and give it with another. Then there's a question. What's next? Which investment will you take again? "He said.
Bülbül expressed that they are worried that the railroad will be shifted with the shift of the logistics center to İyidere Valley, which is one of the most important feet of the railway. Ne If the logistics, which is one of the pillars of the railway, is registered in the İyidere valley, this means the following. The direction of the historical Silk Road is changed after many years. The Silk Road from Zigana is forced to come down from Ovit. I did, like I did. This is unacceptable. When we look at what is the plus of the surplus of Trabzon to the logistics and transportation of the logistics to İyidere, we need to be close to the sea-land-railway and the airline. The most ideal in the research, Arsin and Sürmene interiors were moved to Iyidere with the order of the Prime Minister. Now the railroad has to be moved there. However, when we say that logistics is done there, 3 rail connection is made there after years. That connection does not go down to Trabzon, does not pass through. It comes from Bayburt or Erzurum Artvin and it should not be forgotten. Prime Minister's instructions that way, but the public opinion as a public opinion of the Trabzon public by doing a meeting with CSOs are planning to bring this agenda. We want to open the ear of Trabzon, Trabzon he said.

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