Metrobust will stop button fight bloody over

The fight for the button that will stop in the Metrobus is gone: There is a quarrel between a plainclothes police and two people about whether to press the "stop" button of the Metrobus in Bahçelievler.
When the fight grew, the civilian police opened fire on the air. In the struggle, one of the people who wanted to take the gun of the police accidentally hit his friend. The police officer was mildly injured and the victim was seriously injured.
The event occurred at the stop of the Xirumler metrobus stop at 02.00. According to eyewitnesses, metrobüste two people with a civilian police stood between whether to press the button to stop the discussion. The debate grew into a fight. 3 continued to argue at the stop by getting off the metrobus. The police opened fire to the air as the fight grew. In the meantime, one of the police officers who want to take the gun between the police took place in a fight. The person who wanted to take the gun of the police as a result of a melee accidentally shot and killed his friend and severely injured him. The police officer was injured during the fight. Police and medical teams came to the scene upon notice. His friend was shot and taken into custody by police teams. The wounded were removed by ambulance to hospitals in the surrounding area. The police investigation into the incident continues.

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