The toll-free crossing in Marmaray starts tomorrow

The toll-free crossing in Marmaras starts tomorrow: the free transport of 29 days, which is connected with the underwater tunnel of Asia and Europe, and the opening of the 15 October Republic Day in Marmaray, with the order of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, ends.
Authorities, 15 over the day during the 4,5 million people, using the free pass through the rail system intercontinental travel said.
Citizens, Marmaray from the Istanbul Card or Akbil will be able to use by paying 1.95 liras. For students, the fee tariff will be applied as 1 lira.
During the opening ceremony of Marmaray, President Abdullah Gül told Prime Minister Erdoğan that tören Everyone had a dream. Marmar We shouldn't just open such a project. All folks know what you've done to bridges on holidays. At least you're probably thinking of a favor for this century's project. First of all, I should ask the Prime Minister,… Prime Minister Erdoğan said, ın Mr. President, the abundance of this place is quite good miş. As you have already mentioned, this is the opening of the opening of the Minister of the Ministry of Justice. Let's make this place free of charge for 5 days. X

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