We are showing the example of the whole world with great pride

Marmaray we show examples of great pride to the whole world: BASF Construction Chemicals Turkey General Manager and Market Manager, Russia and CIS countries Mr. Grant Kavuncu Marmaray said they were an example to the whole world.
BASF, with a turnover of 72 billion euros according to the BASF statement, has combined its brand, 60, into a single brand under the name of Master Builders Solutions, which is the Construction Chemicals Division, where 2,3 has a turnover of 1 billion euros, with its production facility and sales center in more than 30 countries.
Speaking of the launch of Master Builders Solutions brand in Turkey Kavuncu prepared and placed in blocks of concrete outside the Marmaray is the world's deepest structure recalled, "We stand behind our high technology used in the Marmaray. We take Marmaray as an example to the whole world with great pride. Marmar
In the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, the 600 has a height record of pumping concrete at a height of 200 m. he said.
Global technical information based and emphasizing the solutions implemented by local experts that they were proud to be a part of this progress Kavuncu, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East for BASF in terms of economic development and the construction sector, together with Russia, Africa and arrived at the top of the priority countries in the Central Asian region that voiced
In terms of building and construction industry to conduct urban transformation projects in Turkey that includes many valuable opportunities, these projects consume less than the world's supply of high-tech Kavuncu describing the structure to get involved with chemicals, "the new airport of Istanbul, the Bosphorus tunnel is planned for the car pass , 3. We believe that we can serve this purpose at the highest level by having mega projects like bridge. As BASF, we spend our 1,7 billion euros on R & D projects from our global budget. Innovations that will lead the transformation of the building industry in a way that will serve the sustainable future of the world take an important part in this. B
BASF Construction Chemicals Division Dick Purchase, ORA Region (Middle East, Russia, Central Asia and Africa) Vice President Dick Purchase, said they emphasized that they are more than just a supplier of chemical products.
In order to become the only solution provider for all construction industry, BASF has united its products and services under a single brand. The acquisition also emphasized the position of the brand as a true global player in the construction chemicals sector.

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