Marmaray Milestones in Turkish-Japanese Cooperation

Mileage Marmaray Turkish-Japanese Cooperation Move: The relations between Turkey and Japan showed significant progress in recent years. Turkey, October 29th at the Istanbul Strait rail tunnel project connecting the European and Asian sides "Marmaray" celebrated the opening heat. Trade relations between the two countries are advancing in favor of Japan every year, in terms of numbers, with the Marmaray project, which is described as the “peak”.
Is "Marmaray" opening to Japan unilaterally?
Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) Turkish-Japanese Business Council President Mehmet Pekarun evaluated the economic picture for the Voice of America. In 2012, Turkey's exports to Japan of $ 332 million reminiscent did Pekar, said that while the imports from Japan performs 3 billion 600 million dollars. According to Pekarun, looking at the finalized figures for the first three months in 2013, exports in trade with Japan are 118 million dollars, while imports are 780 million dollars. Mehmet Pekarun said, “Commercial relations are in favor of Japan. Our trade volume has been growing over the years, but there has been no serious change in our trade deficit ”.
"Marmaray milestone"
The President of the Turkish-Japanese Business Council said that the ceiling was made in 2013 in terms of establishing relations at the investment level with the political stability and economic growth between the two countries. Pekarun said, "The Marmaray project has also been prepared on this ground, and it is one of the milestones of our bilateral relations."
Emphasizing that besides Marmaray, there are other remarkable investments made by Japanese companies, Pekarun said, “Tokyo Bank of Mitsubishi has acquired the operating license in the field of banking with a capital of 300 million dollars, Sumitomo Rubber's huge investment with a local partner in Çankırı, Brisa's the second factory investment decisions taken with partner Bridgestone important developments in Turkey in recent years. In addition, there is a nuclear power plant agreement, ”he said.
"Strategic partner for Japan in the Middle East"
So, how is the economic cooperation between Turkey and Japan? kazanwas it? At this point, drawing attention to the increase in Turkey's credit rating to 'investment grade' by international lending institutions, Pekarun said, “Moreover, the Middle East is a very important geography for the Japanese, and Turkey's experience and close relations in this region are the most perfect strategic partner for the Japanese here. We can say that," he said.
When looking at the trade traffic between the two countries on the basis of product types, Pekarun offers clothing, home textile products, pasta, olive oil, tomato paste, dried and hard shell fruits, natural stones, porcelain, ceramic and glass products, leather products by Turkish companies. said that metal and ores were exported. Mehmet Pekarun, on the other hand, stated that high value-added products such as motor vehicles, cruise ships, wagons, printing and metal processing machines were imported from Japan.
Japanese waiting for intellectual property rights
energy in Turkey of Japanese companies, infrastructure, food-agriculture, health and said they wanted to invest in the field of chemistry Pekar, "Intellectual property rights protection in the implementation of development and investments in technology with the spread for we believe that increased attention. "We are evaluating this issue in our joint council meetings with Keidanren, our counterpart in Tokyo."
Mehmet Pekarun, "What do you think Turkish businessmen who will establish business with the Japanese should pay attention to?" He also answered our question. Stating that there are 4 key concepts to be listed as transparency, planning, quality and detail for the Japanese, Pekarun said, “Trust is very important for the Japanese. Transparency and clarity are essential for successful cooperation with Japanese investors. Japanese are watching Turkey closely. They determine their future strategies with long-term research. Since they work in detail and meticulously, the decision-making processes are much slower than ours, but when they reach a decision, they finalize it quickly. In this process we need to be patient ”.

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