Marmaray Project attracts great attention in world media

Marmaray Project sees intense interest in the world media: Marmaray Tube Pass is free for 15 days ... The first echoes of Turkey's Marmaray project of the century leadership index found a large opening in the American and world press.
Marmaray, dreamed 150 years ago and described as the "Project of the Century", was put into service with a ceremony attended by the heads of state.
“The Project of the Century” Marmaray received much more attention than expected. On its first day of service, Marmaray carried around 300 thousand passengers. TCDD increased the number of trips to meet the demand.
In addition to this, it was observed that some passengers even commute continuously during the day. TCDD had to take some precautions due to the passenger density being higher than expected. For this reason, trains were not stopped at the first Sirkeci Station.
On the first day Marmaray was put into service, TCDD officials estimated that around 200 thousand passengers would be transported.
The opening of Marmaray received wide coverage in the Arab and Danish press.
Denmark's prominent press organizations gave extensive coverage to Marmaray, which connects Asia and Europe under the sea.
On the website of TV2, the country's leading television channel, "The project of uniting Asia and Europe, which was the dream of the Ottoman sultans, with a tunnel under the sea became reality with Erdogan.
Berlingske newspaper said "Turkey's 150-year Ottoman dream", Turkey, Asia, and opened the first tunnel line joining the European continent, "while delivering the news to the readers with the phrase, the Ottoman Sultan of Ankara administration Abdul Hamid stressed that managed to pass a centuries-old project to life.
Economy newspaper Börsen said, “Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan realized the dream that the Ottoman Empire could not realize by spending 15 billion Danish kronor. "This historical project, which means a lot to the world, is just the first step of a dozen historical projects for Erdogan."
History written on the Silk Road
Information newspaper also reported, “We united the two continents on the historical Silk Road,” said Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. 5,5 billion lira huge historical project ”. Emphasizing that the idea of ​​a tunnel under the Bosphorus project dates back to 1891, the newspaper noted that Erdogan had other giant projects like this one.
Arab media
In the Arab press, thanks to Marmaray, it was emphasized that the 4 connects the two continents in a period of time and the importance of the tunnel in the history and geography.
Şark'ul Evsat, one of the influential newspapers of Saudi Arabia, stated that the Marmaray project will provide uninterrupted rail transportation from London to Beijing and said, “This tunnel connected Europe and Asia by rail for the first time. The railway transportation corridor will connect Beijing and London with the Marmaray Project ”.
In the article, Erdogan expressed when he carried out the test drive of the Marmaray project, “It would be wrong to call this the project of the century, actually the project of centuries. Because it is the first time we are catching such a project, we are realizing such a project for the first time ”.
Hayat newspaper also stated that “Marmaray crowns the success of the Turkish government in developing the country and the country's economy”.
Lebanon's En-Nehar newspaper, “Marmaray Tunnel connecting Asia and Europe under the Bosphorus. Erdogan, held the reigns of the imaginary "in a report titled," Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan, the Marmaray project, which is a giant foot, eventually came to life, "he said. The article featured the Marmaray project in detail.
Sebil newspaper, publishing in Jordan, announced the news using the headline "Marmaray connecting Asia and Europe in 4 minutes".
Al-Shuruk and El-Haber of Algeria, Er-Riyad and El-iktisadiyye of Saudi Arabia, Al-Kabs and Es-Siyasiyye of Kuwait, and Es-Sefir of Lebanon are also the railway transportation project Marmaray under the Bosphorus. Drew attention to the fact that it was implemented in the 90th year of the Republic, and discussed it in detail.
The opening of Marmaray, which is one of the longest tunnels in the world, united the two sides of Istanbul and found an echo in the American press.
Marmaray, which started its operations with a grand opening within the framework of Republic Day events, has appeared on various newspapers, television and internet pages of the USA. American television ABC, on the website of '' Turkey's Asian and European parts of the first railway with the tunnel connecting opening 'title by announcing, in the prior year 150 the tunnel project, he said it belonged to an Ottoman Sultan.
Television channel, Recep Tayyip Erdogan Prime Minister of the government as one of the major projects contributed to the vitality of the country's economy, specifying that a part of the people also said that the protest.
In the 2005 of the project, the 4 announces the launch of the 4 annually in the XNUMX. He was informed that he had been delayed due to important archaeological findings from the 19th century Byzantine period.
The first time the project was spoken by Abdulmecid, the Ottoman Sultan, and the issue was discussed with the architects during the reign of Sultan Abdulhamit. ABC television said that Marmaray was just one of the major projects of Prime Minister Erdoğan.
'' The dream of many Ottoman rulers ''
Wall Street Journal (WSJ) three days ago, '' the world's deepest immersed railway tunnel opens' title with the opening news that announced the preliminary news today, '' a new tunnel link between Turkey's Asian and European '' was given the form again .
WSJ, the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the tunnel project, '' was the dream of many Ottoman rulers, '' using the expression, '' the tunnel's completion of the government's ten-year economic success story has been evidence '' sentence.
WSJ American newspaper, however, Turkey's 3. Bridge, 3. The airport and the channel stated that they would like to realize giant projects such as Istanbul and that the debt burden of these projects could force the government's budget.
The newspaper commented that Prime Minister Erdogan's priority in projects is to establish a link between him and his Ottoman ancestors and to create a solid foundation for the country's future prosperity as cement.
Huffington Post, one of the most famous Internet newspapers in the USA, was among those who saw the opening of Marmaray from the first page.
Internet newspaper, Turkey's place while detailed technical information about the Marmaray project, one of the giant earthquake some of the concerns the information that was passed in Istanbul brought.
In the Huffington Post, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım stated that the tunnel was constructed to withstand an earthquake of magnitude 9.0.
Prime Minister Erdogan, stating that they are a servant to the nation, will be a brother to Marmaray as soon as possible with the other tube passage to be built under the sea. kazanHe said they would go.
Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, made final examinations at Üsküdar Station before the opening of Marmaray, one of the important projects in the world, which will provide uninterrupted railway transportation between Asia and Europe under the sea.
On a question regarding security measures, Yıldırım said, “The only thing I can say about security; a major earthquake in the most feared Istanbul. In that earthquake, Marmaray is safer than your home. "Only people smile and pass on the effort of trying to shadow such a huge big project with absurd and outrageous claims."

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