Google Maps Train Stations and Airports

Google Maps Train Stations and Airports: Google continues to improve the Maps platform with airports and train stations.
Google Maps continues to grow. Roads, interiors, oceans, error space, now will begin to provide support for transportation lines.
According to Google's official description, the 16 airport and more than 50 trains will be included in the Metro station Maps application.
New panoramic images, Street View feature with Google Maps and Google Earth applications will be installed gradually. Thanks to the Google Indoors feature, the interior of these centers is interactive.
Airports and railway stations will be mainly US, European and Asian based. Many airports in Spain will be added to the system as interactive stations in Italy. In addition, many important centers in the UK and Japan will be located in Google Maps and Earth.
This way, users will be able to visit Tokyo International Airport or Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands. According to the description of the gigantic search engine, there is also the airport in Dubai. Many central airports and railway stations will be installed in the system.

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