Malatya People Choose the Color of Trambus

The People of Malatya Choose the Color of the Trambus: The trambus project, which is a modern system for organizing urban transportation and increasing public transportation vehicles, is being implemented in Malatya.
1. Malatya people will choose the color of the trambus, which will start to serve on a route with a total turnover between Maşti and University. Our municipality who cares about the participatory management approach asks the colors of trambus to our people.
Our corporate website You can also participate in the interactive questionnaire called “People of Malatya Chooses the Color of Trambus” and contribute to choosing the color of the trambus, which is a giant transportation project in our city. In the questionnaire, which includes gray, red and turquoise color options, you can also see the color applied on the tram when you click on the desired color.
Your participation in our survey will allow you to play a decisive role in the decision-making process.
Let's Malatians, our city; Choose the color of the modern, economical and environmentally friendly new transport vehicle trambles!
The deadline for participation in the survey is 25:2013 on Monday, November 17, 00.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 16:59

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